Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunshine and Rainbows...

... as in it's not always. And when it's not, I keep making time to sew. Maybe that's why it seems like I spend more of my time in the studio than anywhere else lately.

Last week-end I whipped up some rainbows of my own. I dove into my stash with a vengeance and made these wonky log cabin blocks. Improvisational piecing just makes me happy!

This week-end, I got to quilting. Whenever I see a cool quilt motif, I pin it to a separate board on Pinterest (oh, so addicted). When I need inspiration to do something new, off I go to trawl through my pics.

I used the width of my presser foot, and a trusty Pfaff attachment (I don't know what it's called!), to guide my straight lines.  I had all the quilting done in one direction and almost stopped. It just looked so good! But thankfully, I fought the urge... here's how it ended up. 

Love, love, love! It's WAY more quilting than I normally do, but I don't know that I've been this happy with a project in a while!

I made a few other little gems this week-end, but technical difficulties are keeping me from sharing! Guess you'll have to see 'em another day! Stay tuned, loyal blog followers!

Here's hopin' you fit some stitchin' in this week!



  1. Words fail me. All those straight lines, you are a loon, lol. ;-)

  2. AWESOME! Love all of that quilting!

  3. It is a lot, isn't it, Q-D? But it was really enjoyable. I didn't fuss about whether it was perfectly straight... though I did pick up some tips on straight line quilting from something Ade posted a while back! Thanks for the compliments, ladies. I kinda needed them today!

  4. Um, it has been 11 days since your last post. I need some new reading material. Hint, hint!

  5. I love the quilting on this! And the colors. Beautiful work!!

  6. Yup. Love a log cabin and love those colors. And, lol, I love really close straight line quilting!


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