Friday, October 18, 2013

Finish Up Friday! - Double Irish Chain Redux

Hey all! It's Finish Up Friday again!

Sometimes you need just the right spot for a quilt-y photo shoot. My friend and I had already snapped some pics at another location when I drove by this spot. I won't say I haven't been eyeing it ever since the gigantic pink and blue aluminum school desk appeared on the lawn of a certain former-school-turned-swanky-condos.  It's a BIG statue... there was jumping and throwing involved here! But the colours were just so right!
This quilt is an hommage to the very first quilt I ever made... hence the "redux" in the name. It was a queen sized, forest green monstrosity and is no longer in my possession. The best I can offer you is this page from my quilt record/scrap book. Yes, I really did make something so...well, forest green.
I'm pleased to say that I was little more frugal in my quilting this go round. The original is quilted every 2 inches, vertically and horizontally. What was I thinking?! This time, I followed the purple "chains" and quilted on the diagonal.
I do love a stripe-y binding, don't you? I swear, part of me is considering planning quilts around available stripe fabric. Clearly, I am not well.
The back is my first real attempt at a modern pieced backing. I like the fabric from the top, but I really wanted to use it up... it doesn't fit so well in my stash. I'm pretty pleased at how it turned out... I like the asymetry! ☺
I also blogged about this quilt here, here, and  here. It is destined to be donated to the IWK Choices (Youth Mental Health and Addictions) Program. As quilters, we all know that quilts give comfort. I can think of so many individuals who could use this comfort... perhaps you've got a quilt or two with no home in your stash... please consider giving it to someone who needs a warm quilt-y hug.

Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more.



  1. Great finish, Jenn! Thanks for showing the back, not only is it nice, it also shows your quilting very well. I am sure it will be a precious gift for someone in need of a hug. I am curious... where's that school-turned-condo?

    1. I've stayed away from solid backs ever since a presenter at a Mariner's Guild meeting mentioned how forgiving prints are.. duh, why didn't I think of that in my early days?! But I do think this one works well. You know how I love a Kona solid! The condos are on Ochterloney St... former Greenvale School.


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