Saturday, April 09, 2016

Jumping on the bandwagon - 2016 Finish Along (Q2)

I'm not one to jump onto something once it's already underway, but a few of my bloggy pals have been linking up with the 2016 Finish-A-Long (hosted by a veritable pantheon of global quilters ☺).  Though I've been linking up with OMG @ Red Letter Quilts, I just haven't been finding it as motivating as last year's A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015. I don't have the foggiest idea why. So I'm switching it up and getting in on the second quarter (Q2) of 2016.

So... what am I going to (try to) get done between now and June? I've chosen 6... that's 2 per month. Not so cray-cray, right?

Goal 1 - Layer, quilt, and bind my Cotton + Steel Christmas quilt.
It's nowhere close to Christmas. But I want this one done! I even have the backing and backing purchased. But how to quilt it?!

Goal 2 - Layer, quilt, and bind Tula Tigers for T.
I'd REALLY like to get this one finished before my cousin's birthday. Seems doable. Batting is purchased and the pieced back is mostly done!

Goal 3 - Quilt DT's I Spy Polaroids!
It's all prepped and ready to go. Even the super incredible (if I do say so myself) pieced back that's almost as awesome as the front.

Goal 4 - Zissertwin pillow, inspired by Daylily Daze
This project is not as far along as Goals 1 through 3. Okay. I'll be honest here. All I have is a stack of Kona squares and a mental plan. But it needs doing.

Goal 5 -Piece and quilt all remaining blocks for Technicolor Galaxy.
Now that Lesson 8 (Moons), Lesson 9 (Background Corners), and Lesson 10 (Background Centers) have been released there's no reason for me not to be up to date. Yeah, right. But seriously, I will be so over the freakin' moon happy to have this finished. So it's time to put the pedal down and git 'er done.

Goal 6 - Thistle
I know, I know. She might look like Hazel to you, but she's Thistle to me. She's pieced, but that's about it. And I need her done before a very special adventure that Anja @ Anja Quilts, Julia @ Jada's Quilting Adventures, and Dena @ No frickin' blog yet are undertaking the first week-end of June. More on that another day!

I better stop. Anymore would be simply foolish. Phew. I feel a little light-headed just typing out this many goals. Fingers crossed, people. Fingers crossed. Off I go to link up!


  1. Good luck and thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts!

  2. You can definitely git 'er done! Yes, you can! I know you can!

  3. Love the expression cray-cray, new to me. And, I have another Hazel to finish and an I spy polaroid to finish, neither of which made it on my list.

  4. For some people a list this long would seem unachievable. But for you? I'd put my money on you getting all six done!!

  5. Yeah! These are do-able goals. You can do it!!

  6. "Dena @ No frickin' blog yet", you slay me. LOL!!!!!

  7. Welcome aboard!!! Love that saying git'er done, lol.

  8. Dena @ no freakin' blog yet, I think I may have actually died a little from laughing so hard! I love everything on this list, it's so colorful and happy and all-around wonderful. I'm especially excited for Technicolor Galaxy and your C+S Christmas quilt, both are absolutely fabulous! :)

  9. Looks like a busy quarter! Your projects are stunning!

  10. Six small goals is not too many, but those are big goals! Best of luck!

  11. Great projects! Good luck and have fun!

  12. Go luck with your projects, sending you some motivation - hopefully it will rub off on me, too ... you are so much further along with your Technicolor Galaxy... You can get it done! :)

  13. Good luck with your finishes!

  14. Wow! Your I Spy Polaroids quilt blows me away! These are pretty ambitious goals! Good luck!


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