Thursday, June 09, 2016

Throwback Thursday {Volume 11}

Hey everyone! Welcome to a (belated) Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge ! I postponed this month's installment in honour of my trip to Glamp Stitchalot (more on that another day).
This month's featured quilt is well and truly a throwback. Even the pics are vintage! It's the Under the Sea quilt made for a friend's baby. Said "baby" will be moving on to junior high next fall. Scary. Very scary!
I have fond memories of making this quilt. There were a variety of blocks presented in the pattern book and you could lay them out to create whatever sort of underwater world you desired. It was such fun creating all those little critters.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking of some sort of turtle inspired creation stemming from DT's current love of "tor-tells". But it wouldn't be these blocks. They seem so clunky to me now! And I clearly hadn't learned about turning my flash off and using natural light for my quilt pics!
I did my (at the time) best FMQ in the borders... the words to Dr. Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish if my memory serves me correctly.... and wee fishies in the corners. I still have bits of that dark blue inner border!
 There are some wild and wacky prints in there!

 Now it's your turn!

Make it a Flashback Friday, or a Sometime in the Past Saturday/Sunday... it's up to you! I look forward to seeing your creations! And seeing you back here on Thursday, July 7th for Throwback Thursday {Volume 12}. We're creeping up on TBT's 1st Birthday!



  1. It's awfully cute Jen. I love that checkerboard angel fish!

  2. Aw, this quilt is so cute, and I'm especially drawn to it because One Fish Two Fish is one of my granddaughter's favorite books right now. She loves the rhymes, of course, but it's also a great book to delay bedtime because it's so long! I guess paper piecing is more detailed an refined now than when you made this, but your turtles and angel fish do have some nice illusions of curves in them. Thanks for sharing and hosting. I missed you last week, but I bet you'll have lots of fun stuff to share from Glamp!

  3. Time flies doesn't it?! That's a cute baby quilt. :)

  4. That is such a cute underwater quilt! I am sure it is much loved.

  5. What a great quilt - bold and bright, perfect for a little one. xx

  6. Delightful little quilt! I recognize some of those wild and wacky prints! I think some of them still live in my scrap bag! XO

  7. Cute quilt! Perfect for a baby.

  8. Wow, you've come a long way on your quilt journey! I love the fishy quilt and the fond memories you have of making it.


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