Sunday, March 03, 2013

She's back!

That would be my beloved machine! I've been stalled for the past couple weeks whilst my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 was in for repairs. I hereby decree that she shall now go for annual service to avoid unexpected quilting interruptions!

I learned a few things while she was gone. The major one being that this machine was worth the investment. When I set out to buy a machine a couple years ago, I was really looking for a machine that would take my free motion quilting to the next level. I also wanted a machine with a built-in walking foot feature. I found both of these in my current machine and they've improved my quilting/sewing a great deal!

But what I realize now is that the little features that I didn't even know I wanted are some of the things I love and miss most when I don't have them. Here are my top three:

1.  Automated thread cutter - I don't miss picking up scissors all the time or using the built in thread slicer...leaving 6 inches of thread tail! Q-A would be horrified at my reckless wastage of thread!

2. Automatic lowering of the presser foot when you start to sew - no big deal, right? But it's just so danged convenient! And keeps my hands free to position or guide fabric.

3. Mystery bit in the machine that keeps the needle from un-threading - I sew quickly. Okay, I'm a speed demon. And I am from the get-go. So having a machine with tension that's tight from the start is a huge plus. I can't say how many times I had to stop and re-thread during the past two weeks!

All that said, there is no question that you don't NEED a fancy machine to sew. I made a conscious decision to do some sewing this week. Sewing just makes me happy and I needed a little happiness. No serious quilt blocks or construction since I didn't want to worry about consistent stitching and seam allowances between the two machines.

Here's a little something for a friend's birthday. The origami bag from Amy Butler's Style Stiches book. I've made a couple of these now and the pattern is getting familiar enough to be comfortable. I also whipped up a matching lanyard from the tutorial in a previous post. I just love these fabrics! All three were purchased at a modern quilting shop in Philadelphia, Spool. I'm fairly certain that green is the first Kona solid I ever purchased - Cactus (if my colour card matching is correct!)

I'd love to open a Spool Halifax... maybe when I win the lottery!

I decided to fill the void left my my sewing machine with a little tech treat. I've wanted an iPad for so long that it's silly and himself kept telling me to just buy one. I finally did. It needed a little personality and a soft place to call home. I pinned a few cases, but this one from a tutorial over at  Fresh Lemons suited me best. It also gave me a chance to play with some fabric in the stash - Brrr! by Laurie Wishburn for Robert Kaufman. Mmm... red and aqua. Guess that would be one of those on-trend colour combinations!

Think I'll stop writing about quilting and do some!

Thanks for reading!


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