Monday, June 17, 2013

Lunch Box Challenge

Remember a while back, I mentioned that I had finished a quilt for my guild's Lunch Box Challenge? And that I couldn't post pics because it was top secret? Well, the reveal has come and gone, so it's safe to release pics into the blogosphere!

Here's how it worked:
1) Place two metres of fabric in a lunch box.
2) Hand it in to the coordinator.
3) Get a different lunch box back.
4) Make a lap-sized quilt top, adding fabric as needed or desired.
5) Reveal months later!

I received a metre each of the red floral and the striped fabrics. They're not what I'd choose, but honestly, that's pretty much the challenge! I figured I just had to combine my style with these fabrics... since I really didn't feel like I could take on techniques (think endless appliqué) that just weren't me and have a successful piece come out of it.

I took the block (Pinball Machine) from Modern Blocks. When I first made it, I really didn't like it! But I had already cut the fabric and there was no chance at a do-over. So on I went! When I determined that I didn't have enough fabric to make enough blocks, I brought some of my trusty Kona. It makes the whole thing less busy as well. That's Sunflower (in case you were wondering!)

I love the quilt top I got in return. Nurse M (ret) and I have known each other for a while through a certain nursing home that will go un-named and Girl Guides. We chat fairly often at guild meetings. I had NO idea she had my lunch box... sneaky, sneaky Girl Guides! I gave her one metre of floral batik along with a half metre of co-ordinating batik dots and a tone on tone orange.

Not too shabby! I am really looking forward to quilting and using this one!

Ever done a challenge like this? How did it turn out for you?



  1. Great quilts and I really like that idea of the lunch box challenge :) Funny how you both kind of made a similar block... I'm interested in Nurse M- assuming I know her...private chat me why dontcha!

    1. You definitely know Nurse M... isn't it funny how it all comes around again? Maybe we could make it one of the first challenges for the Atlantic Modern Quilt Guild (AMQG... or should it be MQGA?)

  2. I love the one you made but then again, I really liked it when you were struggling with completing it.

    1. You're just so supportive, Q-D! Whatever would I do without you! Looking forward to next Saturday's stitch n' bitch session!

  3. I am looking forward to saturday as well, it seems like forever since out last Q^2 gathering.


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