Friday, January 17, 2014

And so it begins - the Library Project

I took a good hard look at the shelf above my quilting desk. A lot of beautiful books up there - many of which I received as Christmas and birthday presents last year. Shamefully, there some from which I haven't made a blessed thing! I'm taking up the gauntlet thrown down by Adrienne over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts.

Today, as the Library Project Quilt Along (or TLP) officially gets underway, I'm revealing the four books selected from a stack of books that moved to the coffee table (complete with pack of post-its). Yes, I'm doing this whole hog. Is there any other way? First up, We Love Color featuring 16 gorgeous quilts from a variety of modern quilt designers. We all know I love me some Kona, so it's a mystery to me why I've never made anything from this in the year I've had it.
I've yet to choose a project, but Color Frames by Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side and Ladders by Elizabeth Hartman of  Oh, Fransson. are sporting post-its!

Next on the list, City Quilts by Cherri House. I've had this one ever since our trip to Philadelphia in 2010. I love the bold, graphic patterns and the use of Kona.
I'm torn between City Bank, City Green, and City Harbour (though I'm leaning toward City Harbour since I'm a Halifax girl through and through!)

And then there's Modern Patch Work, another giftie from last year. I drool over the pics in this one. Okay, not literally, but I really do love them. But there's something that stops me from making any of the projects. I fear they're beyond my skill or that my version won't be as lovely as the ones in the book. Classic overachiever problems!
Let's face it.. I'm scared to even put a post-it on a page. But now that I've chosen it, I'll be forced to pull the trigger and decide!

Finally, in a break with the Stash Books trend (I do seem to have a lot of books from that publisher), I've selected Boo Davis' Dare to be Square. It's a zany little book with some really fun projects.
I've actually chosen a project and started to pull fabric. I know, I know... finally! I've selected....
... Deer in Headlights! It's a major departure from the type of quilts I usually make. I'm slowly trying to work myself up to making a pixel quilt like my MMGQ pal over at Candy Coated Quilts. This one's so kitschy... it's part of it's charm. Part of what helped me choose is that I know just the recipient - Young B. He's one of Himself's hunting pals and is just so danged nice that he merits a quilt.
I felt like I had lots of fabric to make this already in the stash... I really want to get the stash volume down this year! I know I have solids that will work too, but I'm going to need more browns!
And I discovered something about the mountain of blues in my stash. There's not a lot of sky/baby/light  blue and a hell of a lot of teal!
I can hardly wait for the 'Rents to get back from the US with the envelope of fabric I sent to their vacation locale! I was thinking of this quilt whilst avoiding expensive shipping and duty! Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

So... are you in? It's the Library Project, yo! You know you've got a book (or seven) you grabbed on an impulse in a fabric induced haze and from which you've never made a danged thing. Come on, you know you want to!



  1. Awesome picks! Love that deer. First time seeing that one.

  2. The deer in head lights quilt is FABULOUS! I think this is the third book I've put on my wishlist. B&N has a 20% coupon in email. Might have to use that puppy.

  3. Jenn - great selection of projects. I borrowed that Dare to be Square book from the library and thought about making the Deer in the headlight quilt but thought it was too kitschy too, but I still want to make it. Cant wait to see your finished projects.

  4. I think I may have to join the band wagon....hmmm....library project here I come????

    1. C'mon Anja! Not too late. I just jumped in, literally, today!

  5. I love all of those books. You have some tough choices to make! I think the deer in the headlights is adorable and I'm excited to see your version!

  6. Great books you've chosen-I feel behind already; you already have your fabric pulled!

  7. oh, the deer, the deer... I better not miss the guild meeting when you are going to bring this baby for show and tell! Love it!

  8. What fun books and projects. That deer is too cute.

  9. Excellent selection of books! I LOVE the dear in the headlights, i might have to buy the book just for that one! Can't wait to see yours!

  10. Great choices! I'm also doing a Boo Davis/Dare to be Square project. I've actually done a 3 projects from her book already -- I guarantee you'll love the deer one and they are very forgiving with the scrappyness!

  11. Love that deer project!!! Can't wait to see it.

  12. I have been eying that Dare to be Square for awhile, may need to borrow when you are done! That deer is adorable! Rest of the Picks also wicked! Thanks for quilting along :)

  13. Good idea for overseas fabric shopping ; ) And I love that Deer in Headlights quilt - so fun!

  14. I love that Deer!!! Give him a red nose and he could be your Christmas quilt. And I see NP on top of the Browns, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  15. Isn't it amazing how you pick the same shade over and over again. I'm like you lots of blues but no baby blue! I love the deer quilt too, lovely project!


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