Friday, January 24, 2014

Finished! - Alice in Woodsy-land

My first Finish up Friday of 2014! Alice in Woodsy-land!
This has now made it's way across the country to its new home in Calgary, I can fully reveal it to all of you! I blogged about it here already. As I've said before, I don't normally go for cutesy prints, but this one called to me. Knowing that little Miss Alice's nursery is decorated with animals gave me a little push!

It's quilted in lime green, orange, blue, and brown to match the Konas (Chartreuse, Kumquat, Capri, and Bison if you're marking your score card!) I can't really decide which of the animals I like best, but the hedgehog is definitely in the running!

Now that my machine's back in working order, I can do fun little things like this!
 And this!
More straight line quilting. Not super original on my part, but I wanted to break up the print blocks and emphasize the fussy cut animals.
 I even bought enough of the print to do the back... none left on that bolt!
 I especially love the scrappy binding - more Kona, of course!
Here's hoping Miss Alice and her parents like it as much as I do!


P.S. Please excuse the lighting in some of these pics. Though I did go outdoors, it was a grey Nova Scotian day!


  1. perfect marriage between cutesy and modern. Love the design you chose. well done!

  2. That scrappy binding is perfect for the quilt. It's a beautiful quilt for a little one to grow up with.

  3. I love the fussy cutting - it works so well for this lovely print. The quilting does a great job of complementing the quilt..

  4. Oh that is very cool! And thanks for reminding me that I can use my machine to stitch words too!! (It's a new machine with more features than I know what to do with!)

  5. it to pieces!

  6. So cute! Love that you quilted it in different colours, it looks fantastic!

  7. I love the fussy cut animals! The hedgehog is my favorite. And I love how you sewed her name into it. Such a nice touch!

  8. I am sure this quilt will be loved. Your quilting is great!


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