Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebrate Good Times!

Did you know that today is Worldwide Quilting Day? Don't worry... it's not too late to celebrate!
I marked the day by getting back into the studio after a non-voluntary hiatus. Honestly, I can't remember a time when I've gone this long without sewing! I was so disconnected that I even forgot I had a baby quilt all finished and ready to bind! Instead of hand-sewing that would see me plunked in front of the TV, I opted to get to work on my ModQImprov Canada block for this month.

This month's Queen Bee asked for a 15 inch log cabin (as wonky as you wanted) block in blues, aquas, and greens. No shortage of those in my stash! She also requested that we start with colour and alternate colour and white. Here's how I kicked it off - a little Amy Butler and a scrap of Kona White. Talk about fine beginnings...
And in no time, it grew to beyond 15 inches! I figure I'll let her trim it down as she likes. This one will soon be making it's way to Alaska.
Though I really wanted to start a new project today, I couldn't decide what. I did know that another block of my Skill Builder 2014 BOM had been released... seemed like a good way to spend an afternoon! Mind you, I don't know if I'm sold on this whole starching business. Seems like just one more step in getting ready to cut... I just like to cut!
And I like to chain piece! Not often that you get to do that with a BOM. These may be some of the smallest HSTs I've ever made... 1½ inch finished. Made me thankful for that starching... well, just a little.
Trimming blocks is always so tricky for me. Maybe that's why I love improv so much! At least the instructions reminded me to use the 45 degree angle on the ruler... I never remember. And I got to use the smallest ruler in my collection!
All those fiddly little HSTs turned into this Chevron Star. I probably should have followed the instructions for the actual block construction a little more carefully, but it's pretty good. Also on the up side, it came out at 6½ inches on the dot. Take that, scant quarter inch seam!
 I did pay more attention to the block instructions for the next part - Churn Dash. Much better!
And here they are all together in Block #4. I love getting these finished before the quilting instructions arrive. Just makes me feel good. I've managed to stay pretty much on time with these to date, though I do need to finish quilting my Spools block and start quilting my Machine Stitches block. Maybe tomorrow...
I know I've said it before, but this program is well worth the price of admission. I feel like I'm learning a lot... and we haven't even gotten to appliqué. It's coming though...

Hope you spend Worldwide Quilting Day in a fun way. If not, there's always tomorrow! ☺


  1. Happy Quilting Day. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

  2. Good for you!! The blocks look great.

  3. Things I did not know: Worldwide quilting day! Glad you had a happy and productive one!

  4. Great stuff. Tomorrow, tomorrow. I luv you tomorrow!!! ;(

  5. Great work!! I'm loving that colour palette for your skill builders BOM, but i think i may have already mentioned that! Your bee block looks great too, i guess i should really get on mine!


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