Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Library Project - Is Spring here yet? Edition

I can hardly believe that it's time for another Library Project Link-up! It seems like I was just writing one a day or two ago! That said, March has been a bit of a bust in the sewing and meeting goals department around these parts. Just too many other things on my plate... but better to be honest with you, dear reader, than lead you to think it's all sunshine and roses all the time in the studio! ☺
On a positive note, the first of my chosen Library Project quilts (Oh Deer!) is done... only I've not been able to get out and give it a proper photo shoot... you'll just have to wait a little longer for that finish. I have a plan in mind and just can't bring myself to abandon it for another sad set of pics taken in my backyard.... which at the moment is taking on a lovely winter wonderland look. Ack! Is it not March 22nd?!
Whilst still in progress....
And that's where the wheels fall off the wagon a bit. I've decided to make a change to my Library Project selections. I still love all the books and quilts I chose. But there's a problem. I don't feel like any of them serve a purpose. They'd just add to the growing piles of "special quilts" hanging about the house. It's not what I feel the need to be working on. I'm not saying I've cast them aside, just that I need to put them on hold for the moment. That's within the rules, right?

So, my second Library Project quilt is a little different. It's a pattern I found a while back on a lovely blog called Obsessive Crafting Disorder. I was sure that J-boy would absolutely LOVE this one! I purchased the pattern a with a plan to make it for him for Christmas next year. Special, but with a purpose.... that's what I need right now!
PATTERN: The Good Old Hockey Game Quilt Pattern (PDF format)
This week, after realizing that there just wasn't enough of certain fabrics to make this from my stash, I headed over to my LQS. It was dangerous.... they've gotten a LOT of new fabric in since I last visited. But I kept my focus and only bought these lovelies (and thread ☺). The pattern calls for mainly solids, but I don't want to have to quilt this excessively, so I went more for tone on tone prints. Mmm... texture.
The red is Sketch from Timeless Treasures and the black is Dazzle from Robert Kaufman (available in a jillion and one colours... oh no.) The blues are a little trickier. All three are Robert Kaufman. The only trouble is that I bought such small pieces I didn't get any selvage with names! 

Last month, I also snagged these from Mad About Patchwork.
That's Pearl Bracelet in Anchor, Remix Ovals in Red, and Oval Elements in Sapphire. 

These, in addition to some other reds from my stash and a pile of Kona White, will give me a good start on J-boy's next quilt. He's only got one and really "needs" one for snuggling up on the couch. I'm still trying to decide whether to use the aqua border called for in the pattern or switch it up to reflect J-boy's favourite team's colours. I've already made one departure in that the pattern calls for a large amount of navy and I've gone with the black Dazzle instead.

I'm doing a double link-up here and hooking up with Adrienne over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts for this month's Library Project Link-up as well as with Work in Progress Girl for Molli Sparkles' usual Sunday Stash (since I really did buy some fabric this week!)

Tomorrow, the cutting begins!


P.S. And I went to our Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Sew In this week-end! Leigh Anne made it all the way from PEI and treated us to some awesome door prizes from her Etsy shop Ella's Cottage. I snagged this 8 piece FQ pack of Modas.
When you open it up, it gets even better! There's two pieces of Simply Color Sprigs (Tangerine & Eggplant), two pieces of Simply Color Chevron (Tangerine & Lime), three pieces of Simply Color Ombre (Tangerine, Lime, & Blue), AND a piece of Happy Go Lucky Dandelions! Whheeeee!!!!
And then she said "And you can buy these ones for 2$" Sold.
More Moda fun! Happy Go Lucky Red Aqua Check Plaid, another Happy Go Lucky Dandelions (but it's a different colour pathway, of course, two pieces of Happy Go Lucky Scallops (Red &
And just to round it up to an even 10$, a FQ of Cameras in Parchment. I'll be 100% honest and say I haven't ordered from Leigh Anne before, but I see that changing in the future!


  1. Is your LQS Avonport? I miss that place SO MUCH. I didn't know how good I had it until I left NS.

    1. My LQS is actually Atlantic Fabrics, just minutes from my home. I do get to Avonport, but only occasionally. I really need to have a plan in mind if I'm going to make the drive... but it's always fun when I get there!

    2. I love Avonport! It's 2 hours and a bit away from me so sometimes a few of us will make a "fabric shopping trip" and drive to Avonport, Halifax and then come back around Bridgewater and stop at Atlantic Fabrics. It's quite fun on a nice spring day :)

  2. Love that hockey quilt! And I love those Remix Ovals...I should probably get those in every colour they make!

  3. Love Oh Dear! And I just purchased some purple Dazzle a few days ago. Just love it!

  4. Okay now I have to find Cameras in parchment. Great bunch of fabrics love all the cheery spring colors.

  5. perfectly within the rules to change up your TLP picks! I hate too many rules. How fun was all of that fabric yesterday weeeee is right!

  6. Great fabrics all around! My local shops don't have many modern fabrics, so it's such a surprise when I find one.

  7. So many lovely fabrics!

  8. Is that Dazzle fabric sparkly or is it just the way the white is printed on that makes it look like it dazzles? It looks pretty great, anyway. And that stripey sparkly looking blue too.

    I'm not big on hockey, but what a great quilt for like... 90% of the people I know :D

  9. Great choice - love that quilt and your fabricrs picks!

  10. Wow, score on all those fabrics!
    And i was positive that i was going to make my brother in law the Dear quilt, but after seeing the hockey quilt i may have to go with it! Can't wait to see yours!

  11. How is that hockey quilt coming along??

  12. Oh, my, oh my... that hockey quilt... is that for me??? oh, I guess my name is not J-boy, so I have my answer. Love love love love. can't wait to see it!

  13. At last a real boy quilt! All those fabrics look wonderful! Lucky girl!


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