Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Stash - Fabricaholics Anonymous, anyone?

I'm starting to think I need a 12 step program. There's a self assessment... and I tick a lot of boxes.
I buy more fabric than when I first started quilting.
Though technically, I didn't buy this. I won it through ALYOF's March Finishes Party! I'm learning that one shouldn't judge a charm pack by its cover. Otherwise, I'd have missed out on these cute Christmas prints. If only I could think of something other than Charm Pack Cherry to make with these...
I sometimes feel a little guilty about my fabric buying. But it was Buy One Metre, Get One Metre 50% off Kona. That never happens! And I needed Sangria, Purple, Midnight, Eggplant, Parrot, Breakers, and Pool.
I buy fabric when I'm alone, such as this awesome Lewis & Irene print, In the Sea on Navy. Look at those fishies, and crabs, and seahorses. Oh my. And sometimes I keep buying, even when my friends have had enough.

I sometimes fail to keep promises I've made to myself about controlling or cutting down on my fabric purchasing. Because I find things like this Ann Kelle Oval Remix. And it was 31% off.

 So were these Pearlessence prints. I mean, 31% off, who can turn that down?
Honestly. Fabricaholics Anonymous might not be a bad idea. I think they meet at least once a week... at my LQS.

Or maybe not. I mean, I can stop whenever I want to, right? Because I know he understands, I'm linking up with the ever sassy Molli Sparkles for
Molli Sparkles

P.S. Speaking of fabric addictions (and I'm not pointing fingers here) today is Linda AKA ScrapMaster's stop on the Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop. Hop on over!

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  1. I buy fabric when I'm bored. . . or can't sew for some reason. . . I figure as long as I'm not taking food out of children's mouths because if it (this would be very difficult as I don't have children living at home!! LOL), all is good ;)

    BEAUTIFUL fabrics - that Kona pile is completely drool worthy!!

  2. So much pretty fabric! This will probably be me today, I'm going fabric shopping for the first time in about 3 months! The drought is coming to a close and I am ready for lovely new fabric to come home! Lol.

  3. I seriously don't think that I need to join a program like that... It just might give me more ideas or I might discover that I am beyond help!!!! Lol!!!! Oh well, at least I don't think that I dream of fabric.... let me point out that I didn't put "daydream"! I'm going to have to go get me some Holly's Tree Farm.... I didn't realize how darn cute those prints are!!! Thanks for "enabling" me!!!

  4. Dude. That whole fishy line of Lewis & Irene is kinda adorable....of course a Kona Nerd would then need all the matching Kona Kandy...a proper Kona Badass would already own them. Since admitting is the first step in a 12 step program I ask you... which are you Jen?
    Oh wait, forget I asked. Rule #1 of the "Kona Nerds, Unite! Handbook" states: Never. Admit. Anything.
    Looks like help is permanently unavailable. That's the way cults work.
    Welcome to Hotel Konafornia.

  5. That Lewis and Irene print is so awesome! Obviously you had to scoop it up. You're only human. And buying fabric is just Fulfilling. Exciting. Joyful. I love buying fabric. I just need more hours in the day so I can use it all!

  6. Sign me up! Its easy to justify buying fabric sometimes. I mean, I'm buying so much lately because I need to broaden my horizon with current prints. And you can never have enough solids...they are my drug of choice! When there is a killer sale, and you know they are something that you will use...who in their right mind could resist?!

    I need help. Intervention? No, maybe more storage options!

    Love that batch of solids...drooling!

  7. meets at the LQS! we do enable one another. Now speaking from long experience and having been where you are, I do think at some point we peak and then moderation 'somewhat' sets in. There is hope, just saying! ;^)

  8. OMG lol I love Valerie's comment. That Kona bundle is just wonderful. My best friend and I go fabric shopping and we always tell ourselves purchases in the quilt shop stay between us. (just like going to Vegas). Happy Mother's Day!!!

  9. In the Sea is super cute and fun; I probably couldn't resist it either! I just made a huge purchase myself... and it disappeared into my stash without causing a bump. Hmm... that probably means I have room for more, right? ;)

  10. And with our battle cry of, "Kona Nerds, UNITE!" we will all band together to support you at the LQS - even if it takes me 12 hours to get there. Sure hope you guys will return the favour in the very near future. I just HAD TO take advantage of the Mother's Day weekend specials going on.

  11. When's the meeting. Meet you there. United we stand!!!

  12. Awesome fabrics. I didnt show off all the purchases I made while in Vancouver. I felt like such a fabric pig! I really shouldn't buy more for quite a while but I have been to Patch twice and AF and Its Sew Time since returning from my trip. Oh my...I still don't think I am an official Kona nerd yet though so I will work on that.

  13. I went cold-turkey from September to March and it was fabulous! Since March I have made up for it though. Enjoy!

  14. Lovely fabrics! And You wouldn't be alone at the meeting :)

  15. I never feel guilty buying fabric because I never promise myself I won't. :-) Claire aka knitnkwilt

  16. Hmm I know that feeling, it's amazing how we can justify it to ourselves though! I just need more sewing time...great stashing anyway ;-)

  17. I just need a one-step program: handing my cash and debit card to hubby until the urge passes.

  18. I love your stash-ing! It was nice to see you yesterday and those adorable little babies!!!!

  19. Those Pearlescents! Yes! I've used them before in my No Value quilt... so good. I'm totally supporting this!

  20. Hahhah I need to join that group! So where's your LQS so that I can go to the oh-so-necessary weekly meetings to keep my fabric buying in check? I am really loving those kona solids and pearlescents! You done good.


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