Sunday, February 21, 2016

4X7 Challenge - Week 3!

What's this, you say? Did you miss the post from Week 2? Nope, you didn't. I completely and utterly flubbed Week 2 of Berry Barn Designs' 4X7 Challenge. In my defense, I was on vacation. A ski vacation. Our first vacation in a long time. And it was awesome! Week 3? Also awesome, but with less skiing and far more sewing!

Starting out slowly. Stitching for today consisted of some EPP in front of the TV. ☺ I turned these Kona squares into basted squares! Alas, the basement rec room in the evening... not so good for pics!

Back to DT's I Spy Polaroid quilt! I managed to finish 4 red blocks today and made a few more centres. 

DT had an awesomely long nap, so I continued working on Polaroid blocks. I even finished the green and purple blocks today.

I think I mentioned it a few posts back, but I've added a few blocks to each row. And now I feel like the quilt needs to be longer to balance things. But I can't see me making a gagillion more blocks. Off to my scraps I went!

I made 3½ inch high improv panels to insert between rows of Polaroids here and there. It'll add the length and some visual interest! Purple's done. Just five colours left to go!

Ah... orange! I knew I'd have to lock the doors since Anja @ Anja Quilts had a vacation day and I posted a pic like this one on my guild's FaceBook page!

More rainbow goodness! Sunny yellows for Thursday!
I even banged out some more stitching on Le EPP during my Bee meeting. Again, evening stitching and no pics!

I decided that the improv panels needed a little something more to "spy" so I'm adding some words. I'm sure BT will have fun finding his name some day down the road.

And on to the blue! GT can't be left out...

Though I finished absolutely ZERO projects this week, I sewed each and every day. I made incredible progress on DT's I Spy Polaroid quilt and am feeling energized about working on it. It definitely helped me deal with a stressful week featuring twin 15 month olds learning to climb on couches and chairs. I haven't taken to drinking and only cried a few times. I credit improv piecing of wee bits of Kona.

I am, of course, linking up with Berry Barn Designs for the Week 3 link-up. Who knows? Maybe I'll even have a finished top to show off next week?
Berry Barn Designs


P.S. Many thanks to Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs for organizing this link-up and for the lovely giveaway prize I won in Week 1!


  1. I can't wait to see your improv letters. It's going to be an awesome quilt. I was going to be smart and say I'd come through the garbage, but....I never remember the security code. ha ha ha ha

  2. In the Mon picture, I see you left your rotary cutter "open". Sort of not the thing to do with twins that are learning to move around and explore ????

    1. I am a VERY safety conscious mamma. In fact, I'm working on a post about sewing safety for people with kiddos in their homes. My in-progress photos are just that... and they're often posed. I'd never leave an open rotary cutter on my worktop unattended.

  3. You get more done with twins than I get done with a 4 year old haha. Love the polaroid blocks! I may "borrow" that idea to add to my never-ending list of things I absolutely have to try out :-), Jen

  4. That sounds like a normal week in my world - lots of sewing and not much finishing. You made great progress on one project, however, and I just flit from one thing to the next like a flower-hopping drunken bee.

    1. I'm with you, but being a flower-hopping drunken bee is awfully fun!!!

  5. Your Polaroid quilt is shaping up to be more and more epic with each decision you make! Can't wait to see the finished quilt top!

  6. Awesome progress on the polaroid blocks, I'm excited to see it all come together! And all this yummy Kona goodness all week, how fun! Glad to hear you had a good vacation! :)

  7. Awesome Polaroid blocks! I may have missed your plan, but I love where this is headed.

  8. Looks to me like you did a lot. You may not have finished but the end is nearer. Love the Polaroid blocks.

  9. Wow! Those quilts are coming along nicely. I cannot wait to see the finished quilts!

  10. Your I Spy Polaroid blocks look marvelous. I especially like how you are adding in the improve panels as well as words. You are amazing and get so much sewing in.

  11. Oh great! Everything is looking so goood!

  12. I know it seems like more progress when you finish a project, but you got lots and lots done and that is all that matters.

  13. The Polaroid blocks are wonderful. I especially like that penguin.

  14. Jennifer, I have so much sympathy for you! My youngest has become a climbing machine - he smashed two plates and destroyed my laptop last week (thankfully it had been acting up for a bit, so I had been saving for a new one). It is amazing what a toddler can do when you look away for a few seconds! But awesome progress on the I Spy (I love those acorns!) and I'm glad to hear there was some vaca time for you this month. We just had our third weekly date breakfast this morning and it is amazing what even a little recharge time can do for your mental heath : P


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