Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello? It's me...

Here's the good news... I have been sewing!
The bad news... I've kind of dropped the ball on the blogosphere.
As I feared, when I added Instagram to my social media, there was a shift for me. (Feel free to pop on over and follow me.. @quarter_inch_from_the_edge) But it's summer now, so I'm back to the blog. We'll see how it goes!

I'm back. Teal. FMQ. Pillow. Loved it so much I wanted to keep it!
But I couldn't. This little lovely was made to thank DT's wonderful caregiver, Mrs A. She's so incredibly patient and the kiddos have learned so much from her. She's their first teacher and she's got a well-deserved summer break!
Mrs A loves soft beachy tones. Off I went to my stash... no shortage of fabric to meet that brief! Knowing that I wanted to do some fancy quilting, I kept the piecing simple. Squares go together so darned quickly!

Rather than risking tracing right on the pillow (things can always go a little wild when DT are involved!), I opted to trace their hands on white paper. Then I positioned them where desired on the pillow and stitched through the paper outline.
Though it was tricky to make the curves, I used a short (1½) stitch length to make it easier to tear the paper away.
Once both hands were done, the pillow needed a little something more. I filled in space with FMQ spiral swirls.
 The quilting shows pretty well on the front and back!
I love those wee quilted hands. Well, one of them is wee! I might have to recycle this quilting idea for some more gifts!
Mrs A loved it and DT loved giving it to her!

I enjoyed the process of making it so much that I made another for a retiring colleague!
This time the colours are a little darker and there are no hands. But I'd still love to have kept it. Why are the pillows I give away so much fancier than the ones on my couches? ☺

I'm linking up with Main Crush Monday @ Cooking Up Quilts! It feels good to be back!



  1. I love the idea of the hands. When my nieces were small I made each a quilt and each has a tracing of their hand. The pillows look great!

  2. I love this! It's absolutely beautiful, and tracing the hands makes it so special. such a lovely gift!

  3. What sweet gifts! The handprints are an especially nice touch :) You definitely need to stitch up a third teal square pillow and keep it!

  4. Welcome back! It's lovely to know you are quilting (and to follow along on Instagram) and I'll definitely enjoy getting more details when you have the chance to share on your blog. Adding DT's hands to the pillow is such a sweet touch and it really does beg for you to make a version for yourself to hold on to and remember them at this size and stage (not that I want to add to your work load)!

  5. I love both pillows and the "hand" quilting idea is perfect for her.

  6. I love the hands!! What a great idea.

  7. Both pillows look great. I love the colors you used and adding the hands is so sweet! You should definitely make another one for yourself with those precious handprints. You know, in your spare time.... LOL Thanks for sharing on Main Crush Monday!

  8. Such a fantastic momento. I know, those kids just keep getting bigger. And a quick finish is perfect for the summer.

  9. The traced hands are so cute. What a great idea! And the reason you make beautiful things and give them away is akin to the shoemaker's children not having shoes, right? :)

  10. Your blocks look great! Love the lighthouse and ship looks great with the starry night fabric.

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  11. These are both fabulous. It must be time to make yourself a cushion. Go on. You know you want to!

  12. I really appreciate your professional approach.These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.



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