Thursday, August 21, 2014

TLP - August (What the heck have I been doing with my time?) Edition

Okay, it's summer. I'm not at work every day. I should be finishing a quilt a week here, people. Alas, that is not so much the case. I have been working on things, but not Library Project things apparently!

On the bright side, I have finally finished J-Boy's Good Old Hockey Game quilt. The binding is on (hand-stitched... one of my fav bits of any quilt). All that remains is to sew the label on and wait until Christmas to give it to him!
And yup, that's all I'm showing you of it. There's actually one more thing for this quilt... a proper quilt-y photo shoot. I just need to find the perfect spot (I'm thinking a rink... but one with good lighting) and a willing assistant!

Way back in January, I committed myself to completing four projects for TLP.  I'm sticking to the number, but I've switched things up along the way. Here's the report to date:

Project #1 - Oh Deer for Young B, from Boo Davis' Dare to be Square Quilting
Project #1.5  - Christmas Candy Dish Pillows (½ project - small project)
Project #2 - Go Your Own Way (½ project - uses a technique from a TLP selected book)
Project # 3 - Good Old Hockey Game for J-Boy (as seen above!)

So just one more project to go to fulfill my goal for the year. Back in the spring, I switched things up a bit and changed my projects to more practical ones (usually gifts), but for #4, I'm going back to my original book selections. Modern Patchwork was on that list... the projects in it scare the bejeezus out of me, but the cover quilt just keeps drawing me back.
So there it is... I'm doing it. It's not practical... but it will be something special just for me. I plan to hang it in this spot....
... which is directly in front of my at the desk in my studio. This quilt, Honu (The Protector), will go to live in the nursery next door. Decision made. ☺ Time to begin the fabric pull! I'm thinking blues and teals with low volume prints.

Even though I'm terribly late this month, I'm linking up with Adrienne at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts for the monthly link-up. I haven't missed one yet and I'm not about to start now!



  1. I'll be your assistant!! That quilt looks interesting. I'd love to make it, but every time I try something like that, I end up hating the technique. You make it and tell me all about it.

  2. Oh, hexies scare me, too, but you can do it! And knowing where you are going to use it will hopefully inspire you, too! :) Congrats on your finish, a ice rink photo shoot sounds perfect.

  3. I love that cover quilt! I would have volunteered to be your assistant but you need someone to go on the ice and that would not be me. Ice only serves one purpose, and that is to chill my beverage. :-)

  4. Blues and Teals would be so beautiful for that quilt :) I haven't been scratching off many projects on my library project list either....too many other quilts needed to be made during the year. Beautiful finish on J-boy's quilt. I can't wait to see your photoshoot :)

  5. Oh I look at the cover quilt too. Then I look away. Can't wait to see how yours turns out

  6. Who said quilting had to be practical? I make heaps of blankets and live in a warm climate. That hexie quilt will be lovely. Go for it.
    Still looking for a rink with nice lighting? Outdoor rink?

  7. I'm a huge fan of hexagons and the cover quilt takes them to a new level. It looks like a fun quilt to make........yes, I said fun. I can't wait to see how it turns out.


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