Sunday, February 01, 2015

Calling all those who ♥ Kona!!!

So my bloggy pal, Lynn @ Buttons Quilts, and I were musing via e-mail that a certain Canadian fabric store that offers a Kona of the Month club should ask us to "curate" a bundle for them. We've been kvetching about the selections lately and feel we could do better. You can check out Lynn's posts (here, here, here) to see what I mean.

So what do you think? Can you do better?

Here's our challenge to you. If you really ♥ Kona, make a lovely pile of four colours, take some pics, and write a post about. If you don't have piles of Kona around (I'm shocked...), you could head on over to Play Crafts and use their Palette Builder to create a virtual pile of sorts. Like so....
Then join in my first ever link-up on Valentine's Day. What better day to tell us what you really ♥ in Kona colour? There will even be a Kona-y prize for one lucky linker... chosen by Mr. Random Number Generator. Don't think you can influence me by including Robin Egg and Ash!

I can hardly wait to see your creativity on the 14th!


P.S. This post is in no way sponsored by Robert Kaufman and his fabulous Kona fabric. But I wish it were! Pop on over to the RK blog and pick up a swanky I ♥ Kona badge. I dare ya!
                                           300 x 100


  1. Please do not hate me, but I have never seen a Kona solid in the flesh. I live far, far away.

    1. Me either ... oh wait, we live in the same city :)

    2. I couldn't hate either of you for that... It's not your fault Kona is a rare delight in Australia! You could play along with a Play Crafts palette though!

  2. Who are these crazy people who don't have piles of kona laying around?? I'm in...but you probably could have guessed that!


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