Sunday, August 09, 2015

Sunday Stash - And the slide down the slippery slope continues...

Okay. Here it is. My name is Jenn and I'm a Fabricaholic. It's been less than a day since my last fabric purchase and there are more squishy envelopes scheduled to arrive. I have fallen, dear reader. I have fallen. Hard. It's a long way down the slippery slope from this triumphant post.
These juicy Konas look even better when arranged more carefully. Yum. From left to right, that's Ice Peach, Primrose, Lilac, Rose, Plum, Deep Rose, Burgundy, Brick, Garnet, Sienna, Lipstick, Flame, Cedar, Yarrow, Butterscotch, Cheddar, and, last but not least, Pickle (just for you, Molli!)
But I really needed all these lovely Konas! Every last one. You see, I cooked up this little project using Palette Builder 2.1 over at Play Crafts. Have I mentioned how much I love this tool/toy? So far I'm up to 24 palettes for this particular project.. requiring no less than 70 different Konas. I hope I can finish it in time for my deadline... if only so that I can share it with you. Pssst... it's in the Quilting Project Protection for the moment.

I'm sorry to say, there wasn't much need involved with the next two fabrics.
My LQS doesn't stock much laminate, so when I saw these lovely prints, I knew I needed to snap them up for the stash. One never knows when they might come across a project that needs lovely laminate. So the Dear Stella print above has no purpose... yet. And this one?
It's destined to become bibs for my own Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are messy little eaters! How long can I get away with using DT as an excuse for fabric purchasing? ☺
Molli Sparkles
I'm linking up today... in all my shame... with Sunday Stash @ Molli Sparkles. So much fabric, so much need to sleep. I need Hermione's Time-urner.


P.S Speaking of Time-Turners, it's not to late to pop over to Throwback Thursday {Volume 1} and link up. Then you can say you were in from the beginning... and there's a giveaway! 


  1. You are awful! When you fall, you fall hard!!! Love each and every one of those Kona cottons. I get that tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach that can only be cured by clicking that 'add to cart' button!! I'm so anxious to see this secret project...get to it girl!

    I love a good laminate/oil cloth! I recently bought a piece with skulls on it. No idea what it will be used for, but like you I couldn't resist! (I also got a big piece of Nicey Jane!)

    Thank you for sharing Jenn. I now need to go take my anti anxiety medication!

  2. 70 different konas for a project?!?! Oh I can't wait to see what you are up to! You might have fallen hard, but it sounds like it is for something seriously awesome. :)

  3. Wow, 70! Sounds like it's going to be spectacular!

  4. You should have shares in Kona!! There must be a rainbow inside your house. You'll always have an excuse to sew for your kids, especially as one is a girl. They always need pretty things - skirts, bags, hats, more bags, cushions, pencil cases, even more bags etc.

  5. This is a clue, isn't it!? Ohhhh, I can't wait to see what you're working on!! I SO want to get a giant stash of kona! Swoooon!

  6. Such a yummy array of Kona! I bought a few today for Viv's Kona project, I'm bouncing around impatiently waiting for the mailman already! Lol. Looking forward to what your 70-Kona strong project will be! Part of me has a guess, but I'm sure you've got a great idea up your sleeve. :)

  7. Oh my, Jenn! I do love when I am not the only one on a slippery slope lol. I was pretty good last week....only purchased a meter and half of fabric....however on my sewing vacation this week may be a different story....thanks for sharing your story in the circle :)

  8. But I think you are enjoying the slippery slide! Can't wait to see the bibs in action.

  9. DT have to earn their keep so...they are the perfect excuse for farbic purchasing LOL!!!! How long can they be the excuse? I see no end to this solution!!! :-)

  10. Oh dear Jenn - I understand the sliding… I was working in a town with a fabulous quilt store (Amherst NS) and it wasn't available when I was off. Sooo I called them and the owner opened Mrs. Puglsey's Emporium just for me! For 2 hours I browsed and bought fabric. Yes and more fabric and notions and patterns - enough to keep me sewing all winter! $500. I have not confessed to anyone what I spent. But now I am on a serious fabric diet!

  11. I am in the same boat. I saw the words 'Liberty' and 'sale' in the same sentence and placed an impulsive online order with Duckadilly.


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