Friday, July 08, 2016

Friday Finish - Shhh! Baby's sleeping!

Remember when I used to make quilts and stuff? It seems like these days I make more things for DT than for anyone else. Exhibit A: this lovely doll bed.
I fell in love with the pattern on Pinterest and spent some quality time on the Made Everyday website/blog checking out the loveliness. The baby doll basket pattern is well written and easy to follow. It also comes in three sizes and includes directions for basket, pillow, mattress, and blanket. The author gives you lots of options for laying out your pattern pieces. Which I typically ignore in favour of any ole layout that will save me fabric!

In case you're wondering, moments like the construction of this doll bed are the reason one should save the annoying tissue paper than comes with fusible interfacing. Other wise I would never have known that the very type of Pellon I needed was already in my stash! 

Once all the pieces were cut out and fused to the fusible interfacing, the basket came together very quickly. There are so many times that my trusty Wonderclips come in handy!
So stinkin' cute.
It looked even better once the Kona Pool lining was in place. Though I was tempted to pick up the pink in the print, I wanted to keep the bed more gender neutral.
Once it came to the bias tape to finish the edge, I used store bought. Were I to make it again, I think I'd make my own to give me more options in colour. I also found the white bias tape I bought showed the darker fabrics through it.

For the mattress, I deviated from the pattern and made an overstuffed version, complete with my own version of tufting. Not too shabby!
And of course, a little pillow was needed. I'm sad to say that this was the first cut into my precious stash of Kona Highlight!

It met with DT's Seal of Approval. The moment they woke up from nap, they went right for it!

Because I though I could improve upon the pattern (why am I so foolish?), the upper portion of the basked is a little schlumpy. I should have used the lightweight polyester batting she called for... alas I used a double layer of cotton batting thinking it would give it more body. Yup, enough body to make it collapse inward. But it does mean that there's lots of room for both Stella AND Sam!

And I know you're wondering.... I've already got the fabric pulled for a wee quilt to keep Stella and Sam warm. There's Kona Creamsicle, Highlight, Pool, and White. More on that another day!
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  1. Ahh, so cute! I absolutely love it, those dots are precious. :) Looking forward to the little quilt for Stella and Sam!

  2. Very sweet! Seeing them use it immediately must have been such a great feeling. :)

  3. So glad your hard work paid off with DT going right for it! It turned out so cute! Lucky Stella and Sam!

  4. Well, that's just freakin adorable!! Who needs to make big quilts when there are cute things to make for the little ones? I have a new niece and she'll definitely need one of these before long. Love your overstuffed mattress!

  5. Oh, my goodness, how cute is that!

  6. Oh to have little ones again! That is the cutest doll bed, but the mattress is over the top cute with the tufts! And how about those curls on the kidlets...

  7. That is just so cute. Stella and Sam look very relaxed.

  8. It's so sweet. I'm glad the kids like it. Love that tufted mattress.

  9. I used that same michael miller dot as the lining for my oldest's first coat, nigh on eight plus years ago. is the pattern I used. (Too cute not to share).

    And PLEASE tell me that the dolls are named after the wonderful Marie-Louise Gay books!

  10. That is so cute that I want to make one. I will have to pin it for when the grandkids come around. (Yes, I am too young to be a granny, but my stepdaughter is already planning!)

  11. This little doll bed is completely adorable! It's so nice to see that it fits two big babies. And that your two are so happy to play with it. Can't wait to see the doll quilt!

  12. This doll basket bed is just too cute! Awesome job! That Decor Bond is great stuff. Your twins are so cute. Thanks for sharing and linking up with last week's TGIFF.

  13. A wonderful bed for Stella and Sam. I hope they like their new accommodations.

  14. Very cute! And DT will have lots of fun playing with it :)


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