Friday, February 03, 2017

Finish Up Friday - Not Quite A Thousand Pyramids

First finish of 2017! It may be small, but it be mighty!
Finishes are few and far between these days, but there was no question that this wee quilty needed to be a  top of the priority. It's for the newest addition to our Girl Guide family, my co-leaders' little girl, Miss L. GT predicted her gender and half of her name! It didn't hurt that they share a middle name!
It was a joy to revive this classic with a modern, baby friendly palette. I hit the stash hard, but the recipient is more than worth it. I hope she and GT will be good friends in the future. It'll be a while before they're of an age to be in the same Branch of Girl Guides, but I do look forward to it!
Thank goodness for squirrel feeders. They make great quilt hangers!
 Shockingly, there's very little Kona in this quilt. Nautical as the binding and a chunk on the back!
  I couldn't resist playing in the shadows a little!
Our guild has a running joke that a pieced back makes it modern. Guess this back seals the deal for this wee quilt! The afternoon light really shows off the irregular peaks and valleys of the straight line quilting.

The Deets  
Title: Not Quite a Thousand Pyramids (For Little Miss L!)
Size: 34 by 42 inches
Fabric Used: Wide variety of prints in grey, mint and navy (mainly stash fabrics!)
Quilting: Straight line quilting to form peaks and valleys
Binding: Kona Nautical
Read about the Work in Progress here.

I love Shubie Park. It's just minutes from my house and it has a little of everything -walking and biking  trails, a beach, a café, a canal, a lake, bridges... you name it. And then there are these magical little spaces. I seem to find one every time I go exploring (or searching for a quilty photoshoot locale!)
 I can't wait to see this spot in all seasons!
I'm linking up today with TGIFF @ Summer Lee Quilts, as well as Finish Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts. Pop on over and see some more finishes!



  1. What a lovely little quilt! And it looks as if baby could use the warmth...brr! I especially like the colors you chose, great job!

  2. Never thought about Shubie for a photo shoot. Great finish.

  3. Soft, simple and charming. Love it. Triangles instead of squares is refreshing.

  4. This is such a sweet quilt. A beautiful gift for your friend.

  5. I love this quilt, especially because of the pull you did to create it. The crabs really add that personal, quirky touch that makes quilts so special.

  6. Beautiful scenery for a quilt photo shoot. I hope Miss L thoroughly enjoys her quilt and the love you stitched into it for her. :)

  7. What a beautiful little quilt! I'm sure it will be well loved!

  8. So pretty! I love the colors. And I'm so glad to know that pieced backs are modern! All I along I thought I was just cheap...

  9. it's gorgeous! i love the colour palette, it's making me want to make a triangle quilt!


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