Friday, July 18, 2014

TLP - July (vacation, vacation, vacation!) Edition

So... a funny thing happened when I was working on the binding for my MQG Michael Miller Challenge quilt, Go Your Own Way.
 I realized that the technique I used to make it (stitch and flip triangles) was from this book....
And you know what else? It's been in my library for quite some time now and I hadn't made anything from it. Woo hoo! Accidental Library Project win! I'm even more pleased with myself because I didn't make a specific project.... I learned a technique and created something all of my own. I'm counting this one as a ½ project again, since I didn't plan for it! Here's the math.

     1 (Oh Deer!)
+ ½ (Christmas Candy Dish Pillows)
+ ½ (Go Your Own Way)
= 2 entire finished projects!

I'm plugging away on my current project for TLP, J-Boy's Good Old Hockey Game. I'm pleased to say that the quilting is extremely, perilously close to being finished (just a couple little lines to add around these face off circles).
The goal was for it to look like those expanses of Kona White look like ice that's been skated on and not yet flooded!
I really wanted to have it finished for this month's link-up, but with a week away in Montréal, coupled with some serious re-organization (we're talking entire rooms), my sewing has been sidelined! I'm sewing with my Q-Squared pals tomorrow and the binding is on the to do list. I'm hoping for a Friday Finish very soon. Where, oh where, shall I photograph it? I think it would look awesome in a rink... just a little tricky to pull off in July! Feel free to leave me a suggestion if you've got one!

Once this quilt is done, I've got two special quilts that require my attention. They may or may not come from my current library. We'll just see!

I'm linking up with Adrienne over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts for the July link-up. Feel free to pop on over and see what the other TLP bloggers are up to this month!



  1. Total project win! Great description of the quilting on the Hockey Game quilt - I can see it!

  2. The sports plex still has a rink going on think because I see the ice pile outside the bldg on the way to work maybe ypu could get in there... cannot wait to see it all done. And love the accidental book use!

  3. There are open rinks in HRM. The BMO is one. I am sure CHP still has ice too. Hurray for the accidental TLP!

  4. I like the idea of it draping over a goalie net but I think I might also suggest a guest photographer. :-) Or....the Stanley Cup is going to be in Bridgewater on Monday afternoon....just sayin'!

  5. I don't recall seeing that book...will have to take a look tomorrow.

  6. Wow! Love the quilting on Good Old Hockey Game quilt! Looks great! I hope the room rearranging wasn't too stressful! I hope you had a great time in Montreal :)

  7. That's a great book! Your hockey quilt is just amazing and your quilting is perfect. I really does look like before flooding ice on the white.

  8. Loving the quilting on the Hockey Game quilt! And getting the pics at a rink is fantastic idea, do you have a public indoor rink that you could go to?

  9. My city had its first outdoor ice rink set up for a few weeks this year, but I think its short season has finished and Australia is a bit far to travel for a quilty photo shoot!

  10. Your work is just beautiful, and lucky for you for an accidental project! Hope to see you at the August meeting...

  11. A Rink would be perfect! We only ever get them as temporary ones set up at Christmas - no wonder I'm a terrible skater! Hope you find one!

  12. Your quilting is lovely and perfect for the effect you want. I love "Go Your Own Way". What a bonus to find it actually works as a library quilt........well 1/2 a quilt.


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