Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ALYOF - September Finish(es)!

I set myself a lofty goal for September's version of A Lovely Year of Finishes (Post #2 on the Goal Setting Party). Not one, not two, but three goals. Yes, I broke the rules. And guess what? I managed to finish them all... along with solo parenting the now 10 month old, walking whirling dervishes that are Double Trouble for many of September's 30 days. Enough about my supermom-ness, on to the quilting!

Goal 1 - QPP Project #3 - MMQG Mini Swap (Due September 10th)
You can read the finish post for this little lovely here.

Goal 2 - QPP Project #4 - Do Bees FQ Swap (Due September 24th)
I finished this one with a vengeance! The task was to make something and I made three somethings - a 1 Hour Basket, a zipper pouch, and a lanyard. You can read more about them here.

Goal 3 - Woodland themed Polaroids for Lara from BuzzinBumble (Due September 30th)  
I didn't have quite as many camping/woodland themed prints in my stash as I thought I did... shocking for a Girl Guide! I might have stretched the definition of woodland a little bit, so I included some extras for Lara. These little lovelies are going in the mail this week!
I'm linking up with the September Finishes Party over at Fiber of All Sorts. Big shout out to Bittersweet Designs and Fibre of All Sorts for this very motivating link-up. I hope they keep it rolling in 2016!



  1. Wow, you must be superhuman to solo parent newly walking 10 month old twins AND finishing 3 goals for September! :)

  2. I knew you could do it!!! I finished mine last night....just need to get some photos today.

  3. You're amazing! How on earth did you fit it all in while dealing with DT? Any WIP pics from your own Polaroid quilt?

  4. Beautiful finishes. Super Mom you are!!!

  5. They all look wonderful Jenn! That mini quilt with the ring of flying geese surrounding the compass points is awesome. And the Do Bees Swap trio is so fun! Your other swap partners will be as pleased as I am!
    Yeah... I would say you were definitely Super Mom!

  6. You do such nice work! I absolutely adore the pink elephant set.
    It has reminded me of a favorite sweatshirt when I was 7-9 that I wore ALOT, it was white with a big pink elephant on it.

  7. You rock. I was happy finishing one little project this month.

  8. congrats! lovely finishes! you go girl :)


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