Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Finish - A MMQG Reveal!

Man, it's tough having so many projects in the QPPP these days! But I'm pleased to say that one is finally out and about...

It's the quilt for my swap partner in our Maritime Modern Mini Quilt Swap. I finished it with 4 days to spare! And knocked off one of my three goals for September's ALYOF. Score!
I used variety of quilting patterns, though they're pretty much all straight line with a walking foot. I did think about pebbling all the low volume areas, but there are a lot of seams in this one! And my binding is teal with a pop of lime green and low volume thrown in for fun.

I went for a pieced back... you know, to make it modern!  You can also see the quilting much better from the back... pretty much like always. I opted to put hanging corners on all four sides so that it can be hung however the recipient pleases.

I love this Sun Print Text fabric from Alison Glass. I could use it in pretty much every.... if I had an unlimited supply and all the colours!
Since I wasn't able to blog about the process in real time (oh that pesky QPPP), here are a couple of my fav pics from along the way. Isn't it nice when you can see things coming together?
 Sunshine and scraps...
  I found myself a clever new way to cut a four template pieces at a time. Wonderclips for the win!
 Pins and curves go together like PB and J.
  I even remembered to sew on one of my quilt labels.
Too bad I didn't factor in the hanging corners.

The Deets
Title:  Low Volume Beauty
Fabrics Used: exclusively from my scrap bins - lots of teals and low volumes
Quilting: Straight line with walking foot, at times in the ditch, done with Auriful 50 weight 2600 (light grey)
Binding: Teal with a pop of low volume and lime green, hand-stitched with Aurifil 2600
Backing: Pieced from scraps, predominately teal
Favourite Part(s): Challenging myself to make something that would make my partner's eyes light up! And it did!

And what did I get in exchange? Well, 'tis usually better to give than to receive, but maybe not in this case! Stay tuned for next week to see the loveliness that my partner made for me!

I'm linking up today with Finish Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, as well as TGIFF @ What a Hoot! Quilts.  Pop on over and see some fab finishes... because it's Friday and you deserve it. I can't share the brownies I made this morning (the logistics on baked goods in the mail are a pain), but I can encourage over consumption of quilt blogs!



  1. Love it... and the colour palette you choose is perfect.

  2. Aptly named! This is a true beauty Jenn!

  3. What a wonderful surprise your partner is going to receive. Love the pics showing the progress on this quilt. I have just signed up for my first mini quilt swap so wonderful to see your tip about hanging corners on all 4 corners if there isn't a specific top.

  4. I love the result! You have a lucky partner! I think the pieced back is delightful!

  5. It is absolutely gorgeous!! Your fabric choices are superb and that pattern is stunning! You had a very lucky partner in the swap, that is for sure. Amazing work as always, such an awesome finish! :)

  6. It IS absolutely gorgeous! I know because I was lucky enough to see it in person! It was great to be able to meet you at the meeting last night. What fun it was. Wish I lived closer and could attend every month!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful coloring in this! Lucky partner. :D I have to ask: what is QPPP?

    1. QPPP is the Quilting Project Protection Program... for the projects you just can blog about until they're safely delivered to their forever homes! :)

  8. Love this and the colors. What is QPPP? Y'all's acronyms sometimes leave me in the dust.

  9. Beautiful! Seems quite large for a mini-quilt! I can't wait to see what you received :)

  10. Looks awesome, Jenn. Anyone would be happy to receive such a beauty, and i know she was thrilled.

  11. Love, love this Jenn! While I'm not a fan of 'secrets', I understand why you held off on sharing this one. You are forgiven! I love the center, it looks like it was fun to put together!

  12. Done with 4 days to spare? Awesome! I love how it turned out, and congratulations on a secret finish and reveal. :)

  13. Cheering for this gorgeous finish! Your swap partner is going to be dancing with delight when she receives it.

  14. It made my eyes light up too! Awesome job!

  15. Beautiful mini. There sure are a lot of time pieces in they The recipient will be thrilled!

  16. What a fab mini! I love the block you've used

  17. Love this Jenn! You are becoming a master at the small piece while I am going in the other direction - bigger the better! Oh and fabulous use of those wonder clips

  18. Wow is all I can say! I love everything about it; especially your fabric choices. Really stunning, great finish!

  19. What a great finish! You did an awesome job.

  20. Neat! It looks so very delicate to me.


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