Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Stash - January Acquisitions

If you're documenting signs of the Stashpocalypse (© Val @ Purple Boots and Pigtails), a major one occurred today. The ever entertaining Molli Sparkles has drafted a Stash Manifesto and linked it up. Yup. That's as sure a sign as earthquakes and Aurifil thread going up 70% in price.

All that said, we're one month into The Year of The Stash and I'm feelin' good. Yes, I've been to the fabric store. And that's okay. To keep myself honest, and to encourage all of you, I'm sharing this month's additions to the stash - keeping in mind that this might have been one trip to the fabric store a year ago!

Sometimes fabric just shows up in one's mailbox! This FQ bundle of Tula Pink's Eden is courtesy of Fabric Please! Soon it will be made into something lovely. And when it is, you'll have a chance to win this same bundle! Winnings don't count as stash acquisitions... kind of like broken cookies.
Those tigers must be fussy cut. And don't get me started on the selvages. Ah, sweet selvages! I feel like I hit the jackpot with 5 out 8 FQs having printed selvage.

Oh, Konas... how can I resist your siren's song? I've been doing really well resisting, except that Quilting Protection Program Project #1 required a few more green for its pieced back. So I snagged hunks of Leprechaun, Jungle, and Basil  I know I've been teasing you forever on this one, but a reveal is imminent. Let me say it again -  imminent.
And some Timeless Treasures Crosshatch Sketch in Red. I'm sorry to say that J-Boy's Good Old Hockey Game is in need of some repairs Appliqué and I are not friends. 
Last week-end, DT, Himself and I took a little road trip to Cape Breton. And since that's well outside of my 2 hour radius when it comes to quilt shops, I popped in to The Mira Stichin' Post and picked up a couple treats.
Some low volume and a pretty grey by Stof. Not a company I'm familiar with, but apparently it's based in Denmark. I'm plotting some low volume shenanigans for my month of the Birthday Bonus Club and a little more might be needed!
Who can resist a wee bit of sunshine? I have Michael Miller's Mod Basics Stitch Square in a couple other colours, but no yellow. (Thanks to Vicki Price for filling in the blank for me on this one!)
The elusive Wonder Tape! For those members of the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club, this is an essential tool for January's bias tape challenge. That's why I haven't done mine. No Wonder Tape. Yup. That's my excuse.
And because he linked up with me (insert me, squealing like a teenage girl at The Beatles' first Ed Sullivan performance, here), I'm linking up with Sunday Stash @ Molli Sparkles. Oh. My. Blog. Is it wrong that I very much want the fabric he feaured showed today? If I beg my friend in Australia to send it to me, it doesn't count as a stash acquisition, right?


P.S. It's never too late to jump on the Stash Manifesto bandwagon. Even with Molli's collection of feather boas, there's still lots of room. Get some inspiration for your Stash Manifesto here and link up here.


  1. How awesome to get 5 of 8 FQs with selvages!?! I am definitely excited to see this imminent reveal - so many lovely solids have gone into it...

  2. Ooooo love your fabric picks! I have been diving into my stash too and trying to resist buying but don't have that many low volume ones!

  3. The yellow print looks like Michael Miller Mod Basics Stitch Square.

  4. So much fabric loveliness, awesome choices! The temptation was strong today to break the manifesto for me. Instead, I bought a coloring book. Lol. I'm excited to see the imminent reveal!

  5. Oh, Jenn, I should really be commenting on your awesome purchases, but really, my big take away from your post is : Molli Sparkles linked up with you. I might have done some teenage girl squealing myself!

  6. Excellent work, Private.
    Keep it up.
    For 11 more months.
    Eleven long, long months.

  7. I love the stitch square basics range. I know I will pounce if I ever see it in a local shop.
    So you have spotted the Melba range, eh? I have a soft spot for the gumnuts and the trams as I used to catch a tram to work every day when I lived there.

  8. So happy I was able to see that Eden bundle of goodness in person! It was just beautiful! And thanks again for the Wonder Tape.....that unicorn was difficult to find!


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