Thursday, February 14, 2013

Better late than...

Okay, so my first target date for a WIP Wednesday came and went. But it doesn't mean I wasn't pluggin' away on those lists!

Sashiko fish!
Here's the update:

Gotta do's!
Child's Play - No progress
Jewel Squares - Blocks finished
Sashiko fish - Finished!
Qui-vet for spare room - Finished! (Sorry, no pics yet!)
Cousin & Mrs. Cousin's Wedding quilt - No progress
Mariner's Lunch Box Challenge - Finished! (Top secret!)
Mme P's retirement quilt - No progress (though I did pin some potential fabrics!)
Miss K's birthday quilt - No Progress

Wanna do's that have become Gotta do's!
Project using Konas - Transformer quilt is 100% Kona-tastic!

Happy Valentine's Day all!

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