Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WiP! A quickie!

It`s been a while since a WiP... sorry to disappoint my loyal followers! Here`s what I`ve been up to...

Jewel Squares - DONE!

Mme S-S's retirement quilt - I am fully stymied at this point. Must spend some time flipping through quilt books or trawling my Pinterest boards to get inspired and back on track!

K's Dare - no progress

Transformer - added the third set of blocks to the quilt top. Am starting to feel like it`s finally big enough!

Ocean Strata - no progress 
2012 M1 quilt - almost done, just need to add the class name and date
2013 M1 quilt  - no progress

I am pleased to say that all the partial quilts that started the year on my UFO list are now complete. And in honour of that, I decided to whip up a baby quilt and practice a new quilting style. It's like my wavy lines... only these ones overlap each other.

It doesn't have a destination... perhaps I'll just add it to the pile of quilts to donate to my local children's hospital. I took in a stack last June and plan to do so again this year.
I also started cutting blocks for another new project... found in on (surprise, surprise!) Pinterest and thought it would be a good scrap buster. It's from a quilt along over at In Color Order. Little did I realize how hard it would actually be to cut 100 (50 warm, 50 cool) 5 inch squares. I may have to call in the Squares to supplement my offerings!

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