Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunny Sew-Day or a Sew-y Sunday?

I guess it was a little of both! Today made Day 4 of my sew marathon. I don't really know what's going on with me in the productivity department, but I suspect it has a lot to do with this being my last week of summer vacation. It hurt me even to type that.

To kick things off, I dove back into my selvage bin. I have a couple of ongoing projects that I pick away at when the bin gets a little too full or I don't know what else to work on. First up, rainbow blocks.

These blocks are made up of four 5 inch blocks. I vary the rainbow gradiation from block to block. I don't have a plan for them... I just like making them! So far, I have three complete blocks like the one below.
And I made two more segments for a future block. Don't you just love selvages?

On to the teal! Apparently, I must make a lot of projects with teal if my selvages are any sort of proof. These blocks are done on a 6½ inch foundation.
 I've got quite a few of them... eight in all... and again, no firm plans for their future! 
Remember those teal and orange HST layouts I shared this week? Well, I fell in love with another layout... who knew there were so many options! This one was from a pic found on Pinterest from Milly Made It.  She also used teal and orange, but darker tones paired with a gorgeous grey. This one's already quilted and bound... you'll just have to wait for some pics.
 I can also tell you that in the past couple days, I've made the a pile of blocks for another baby quilt, inspired by this scrap of fabric I got from Q-A. I tried not to work on it, but it just kept calling me. And it wasn't just the selvage! I'll let you in on the details later in the week!
I also got to thinking about my Crafty Pay it Forward promises that I made back in January and started work on a little something to go in the mail to a certain Guiding pal in Antigonish. Here's a sneaky peaky...
As the August days fly by on the calendar, my thoughts are turning to school supplies. It's the best part of September. Who doesn't love a cool little pencil case like no one else has?
Yup, those are zippers! I saw a similar idea on Pinterest (Yes, I have more than one addiction in my life.) and decided to whip a couple up. They are a little bit tricky, but I think Miss K and Super K will like them. And it's totally a coincidence that both those special young women have K blog aliases!
The pink one has this lovely Amy Butler print on the back and inside. I really wanted to line it in some way, but I have a hell of a time with linings.
And the blue and purple one has a cool batik that I bought in Alaska at The Quilted Raven. I love to pick up some of fabric or a pattern when I travel. It's fun to use it later and think of the adventure you had to get it. My kind of souvenir!
Now I just have to think of something to make for Mr. J. It just wouldn't be fair for him not to have a little back to school giftie too. But they didn't have enough zippers for me to make a Pittsburgh Penguins colour scheme!

See what I mean? There's been a whole lot of sewin' goin' on!

Hope you had a sunny or sew-y Sunday!


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