Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sew-vivor - A Quarter Inch from the Edge

I'm a Sew-vivor. Not gonna give up. I'm gonna out-cut, out-piece, and out-quilt. Well, I will if I get chosen for this year's edition of Sewvivor (Season 3: Quilter's Edition) organized by Family Ever After.

When I read about this amazing competition/challenge, I got really excited. There are four rounds of challenges - nautical, a tote bag, hexies, and a lap quilt. You can read even more details by clicking the link given above.

But then the doubt crept in... can I really do this? Am I biting off more than I can chew with two mini humans on the way? But it just looks like too much I'm throwing my proverbial hat in the ring! As my audition entry, I've selected Into Every Life... completed last fall.
I loved making this quilt. I improv pieced the coloured blocks and when I started, I had no idea what they would turn into. I took a page from my quilt-y pal, Q-D's, book and didn't repeat any of the fabrics used. Then I played around with using a temporary design wall in my studio... it really does help your perspective if you can get your blocks up off the floor!
I quilted it in lines with little drops building up on either side of the line. I was thinking of water droplets sliding down a window on a rainy day. I don't make a lot of quilts that are 100% my own design, but this one is. Just another reason it makes me smile!
Here's hoping I get past the audition round and into the Top 16. They're the ones who will actually compete in challenges! Keep those fingers crossed for me, dear readers!



  1. love those colors.
    best of luck to you in the auditions!

  2. I love your line "out-cut, out-piece and out-quilt!" I hope we both get to play!

  3. Love this one! And your quilting is awesome!
    My fingers are crossed for you! Here's hoping we both make it in!

  4. This is such a cool quilt! Great entry, Good Luck!

  5. Fun improv blocks! Very cool. Best of luck!

  6. Love this quilt - wishing you good luck!!

  7. I LOVE the rain drops on your quilting. I've never seen anything like them. This is a gorgeous quilt and I'm so glad you're throwing your "hat" into the ring.


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