Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sunday Stash - Well, sort of...

Yup... that's it.
No glorious Cotton & Steel yardage this week. No pet-able chunks of lovely Kona. This week, I went to my LQS solely to buy thread. Yes... I have thread.
But I started quilting in a particular colour and ran out... so off I went. Then I remembered that I had a  present to return. Yes, I had the gifter's permission. ☺ So not only did I pick up some thread, but I also snagged a pack of rotary blades. AND I got almost 4$ back. Yup, they gave me money. Score!

I'm not trying to start a self-admiration club here people. But remember back when you made those Quilty Resolutions? How many of you said something about curtailing your spending or sewing from your stash?

Go ahead. Re-read your post. It's under the January tab. I'll wait...

Full disclosure: here's mine. It's not too late to re-visit that pledge. There's joy in making something from what you have. My evidence? Look what I made this week. I thought about creating a button or linky or something... but it turns out, someone already did! If you need more motivation and reminders, why not check out Sew My Stash 2015?

In the interest of adding a different voice to the conversation, I'm linking up with the oh-so-sparkly...
Molli Sparkles
Delete me if you will, Molli! It's your bar and your boat!



  1. You got thread, rotary blades, and $4? *High Five* :)

  2. You can't do without that shade of blue. It's a delightfully beautiful shade of turquoise. Good for you in showing even more restraint than last week. You are awesome!

  3. Just visited 13 Spools and saw your comment there. So true. People with young children and babies can't expect to spend as much time quilting as us "old biddies" who have part time jobs and kids off at school all day. I think you've got a good balance - snatch a few minutes of quilting here and there when possible, but you're not setting out to change the world.

  4. Wow! You're doing really good! No fabric purchases this week for you! I picked up 1-1/2 m plus two patterns which is pretty good compared to my usual....I'm trying to cut back :)

  5. As silly as it sounds, your thread rack makes me smile (which I honestly needed today, so thank you). It's like a pretty little thread rainbow. I only have black, white and gray, which a few oddball spools from my mom's sewing box, so no pretty thread in my sewing room. Hahaha

  6. Is that 6745? I have that thread colour!
    I think the problem with curtailing spending (as I did late last year) seems to be that I have been on an over-indulgent splurge since. Maybe constant moderation is the best method.

  7. Great restraint. Don't you hate when you run out of thread midway through a project.

  8. I fell off the wagon this week at our meeting at Patch, but only $25 on some delicious candy FQs. On the other hand, everything I made this week was from my stash only, so I feel good about that! Oh and Blades for me as well this week with a 50% coupon from Michaels. So that was ok too!


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