Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TYOTS! - Use it or lose it!

Crickets. Tumbleweeds. It's been pretty quiet here on the blog with regards to The Year of the Stash. But with the 5th month of the year looming, perhaps we need a little kick start!
I said I was going to do my best to keep you inspired during the journey that is The Year of The Stash. So here we go! My Top Five projects to get a stash busting buzz going! Quick and easy.... what more can one ask for?

5. Pillowcases
They're great for using those 1 metre/yard cuts that you're wondering why you bought in the first place. Novelty prints? Give them to a kiddo you love or donate them to a children's hospital. Leftover yardage from quilts you've made? Make a set and gift them to the person sleeping under that quilt! Pillowcases make great gifts. You can use Easy Peasy Pillowcase Tutorial or one of the seven million others floating around the blogosphere.

4. Zipper Pouches
You can never have too many! Use 'em for swaps, gifts, or keep 'em all for yourself! I love the Open Wide Zippered Pouch from Noodlehead (free tutorial). But there are so many out there! Google away!

3. Infinity Scarves
Got some lovely voile, some Liberty or Art Gallery prints in that stash? Treat yourself (or a friend to an infinity scarf! Here's a tutorial from Cottage Mama

2. Drawstring bags
I'm particularly smitten with the free tutorial for lined drawstring bags by Jeni Baker @ In Color Order. I liked it so much, I bought the multisized pattern. I've made 7 so far, including this one for my mom for Easter. Love me some Lizzy House Natural History!

And my top choice?

1. Charity Baby Quilts
If you pick a simple pattern like 5 inch squares or 2½ inch strips (like my Kona Strip Pop quilt), they come together very quickly.  I donate to my local women's and children's hospital.

Got a quick and easy stash buster? Please share it in the comments. And get to sewing, people. We've got stashes to use up!



  1. I love all these ideas! I busted some stash making a charity quilt which I plan on binding in the next day or so. I managed to make it entirely from the stash, which is a huge win in my book! 😊

  2. Last Christmas I made about 20 shopping bags as gifts. Used up a lot of larger print fabrics and they were quick and simple.

  3. All wonderful ideas. I love the drawstring bags.

  4. I am looking at my ever growing fabric stash and definitely need to find quicker projects than big quilts to reduce the fabric piles :-) Jen

  5. I took 3 kg of fabric to my local sewing group and let them take anything they wanted. I figured it was better in a new home than in mine making me feel guilty. One small piece that I kept became two zipper pouches. Number 4. Tick!

  6. Charity quilts are my personal favorite in the bunch. :) I also love making quilted placemats and the 5 Minute Hexie coasters are fun, too.

  7. Great post, Jenn! I have to try the drawstring bag. I want to have some ready for Christmas gifting.

  8. I make cute, triangular coin purses. 5x5 charm square, 5x5 fibre fleece and a 4" zipper. 15 minutes and you're done. Sell like crazy at markets and shows.

  9. Thanks for sharing ideas with us. I'm really digging that infinity scarf.

  10. Great projects and ideas. Your charity quilts are gorgeous. You must have a beautiful stash!

  11. Great ideas! Our retired teacher craft group used up a lot of fun fabric making pillowcases. We're donating them, along with some flannel receiving blankets, to our local crisis nursery. Here's a link to our efforts: http://lcarsp.blogspot.com/2016/04/crafters-sew-colorful-pillow-cases.html

    I'm going to have to give some of your other ideas a try.

  12. Great ideas Jenn! I love the Lizzy House fabric done up like that! The bag is so cute with the accent fabric and drawstring. Your pillowcases reminded me of the dresses for little girls in Africa. That's always a good cause.

  13. Lovely stash busting ideas! I need to make a few pouches to have on hand. And definitely some baby quilts!


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