Monday, July 04, 2016

Mini mini Monday - Easy as 123!

I've been at it again! When Sarah @ 123Quilt won a scrap pack giveaway on my blog a while back, she asked for teals and greens. I've got a pile of that! And it meant that I knew she'd like it if I turned some of my Technicolor Galaxy cuttings into a mini mini to swap with her.
I went all improv on this one - sewing and slicing, sewing and slicing. It just makes me so happy. And then I quilted it with some very narrow sets of random lines. With mini minis, you can really quilt them a lot and not be at it for weeks! 

I got so wrapped up in making this one that I forgot to take a finished pic. The closest thing I have is one with the mini mini all ready to hand sew the binding.
And what did she send me in return? This absolutely incredible mini. Kona, low volume, rainbow. So damned good.
 Can you see that incredible zigzag quilting? It's incredible. And that piecing? Precision.
 And she sent me this fun little measuring tool. That is definitely going to be living on my sewing table.
I totally feel like I should send her another one. Hers is just too good!

Have you been making mini minis? If not, you should be. Idea to complete in a matter of hours. And perfect for those who don't like to take too many risks. You don't invest a pile of fabric or time, so you can toss it out if it doesn't work out!

Next up for swapping? Jennifer @ Little Black Cat Quilting and I are making arrangements to swap once Canada Post figures out if it's going to keep working or not!



  1. Both mini minis are awesome. I really like the colors you used in the improv one you made Sarah, and I am amazed at the precision of her tiny HSTs, wow!

  2. Oh wow, both are great in their own way! I've made just one mini mini and it was fun to make!

  3. I love both these minis. The improv one has a nice flow to it...and the rainbow one is amazing in it's precision. What fun!

  4. Mini mini's are such fun! I love the tiny zigzag quilting, so precise. Can't wait for our swap! :)

  5. They are both lovely.
    I am back making mini, mini blocks but not mini, mini quilts.

  6. OK, so this must be one advantage of having a blog, you find people with whom to swap. But is it enough of a reason to have a blog? Me thinks...'not quite!' LOL.

  7. Both are awesome. What an interesting measuring tool.


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