Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Release the Kraken!

Remember way back in February when I was so excited to get started on the Release the Kraken BOM? I've maintained that enthusiasm and stayed on track with the monthly installments. Shocking!

March's block was actually 6 blocks... with a lot of HSTs.
And here they are finished. I'm not 100% sold. They seem a little clunky compared to other parts of the quilt. I've been looking for a more refined boat pattern that I can make in the same size to swap them out. Please let me know if you've seen something suitable!
And it will give me more time to perhaps find the wood grain fabric I really wanted from Joel Dewberry's True Colors line. Can anyone help a girl out?

April's block came along with me on our Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Retreat. It was fitting given our seaside location at White Point Beach Resort. Good thing I also packed my trusty Add A Quarter Inch ruler (Dena is rolling her eyes) and my seam roller!
I went realistic with the colours for the lighthouse. I tried to mimic the stripes on the Sambro Island Lighthouse. It's the oldest standing and operating lighthouse in the Americas and happens to be just down the shore from the fishing village where my grandmother grew up.
In May, I whipped up this little creature. The purple Pearl Bracelets make me think of the suckers on an octopus' tentacles. And this Kraken has some octopi qualities to be sure!
Also in May, I fell in love with the mini quilt pattern. These aren't included in the monthly subscription and be purchased separately on the Quarter Inch of Quirk website. I loved the repetition of the boat from March's block. The wee size makes it more attractive to me.

I had to bring quite a pile of rainbow scraps to Sew In to work on this one!

And now you can see why I couldn't resist. Little does that tiny vessel know what lurks beneath those dark waters...

June's block is the Moon block. I wasn't sold on the block as shown in the original pattern, but they narrowed the strips and made it more rounded. Much more appealing! It was very chain-piecable (yeah... likely not a word)!
I didn't intend to match my block to my Olfa Splash rotary cutter. Happy accident!
For July, the block is a Mariner's Compass. I'm not 100% sure about it in the quilt lay-out, but I'm making the block regardless. It can always be a mini quilt or go on the back. This block is another paper pieced one by Kristy of Quiet Play. I think I might be addicted to her patterns... more on that another day! I started this one off by chain piecing some of the sections. With paper piecing patterns (say that five times fast!) with repetitive sections, chain piecing is a great way to save time and fabric.
As you can see above, I've also gotten into colouring my patterns before sewing. It really cuts down on mix-ups when I'm sewing fast or tired (okay... that's all the time!)

Here's the Mariner's Compass to date. I need just the right piece of red to pair with that C+S plus print. Thank goodness for my red-addicted pal, Dena @ No Frickin' Blog Yet!
Please excuse the Instagram filter... I was playing around!

I'm linking up today with Let's Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts. and MidWeek Makers @ QuiltFabrication. Pop on over and see what some other quilters are up to this week!



  1. I think that the boats from March work in the overall pattern given that the May block has the same style boat in the Kraken's hold... The mini with the rainbow Kraken is a bit less frightening because it's in a rainbow, but only just a little!

  2. This post is filled with so much Nautical goodness! I love the mini quilt with that great big octopus lurking below. And the true to life light house is so cute!

  3. Love all of these Nautical theme blocks - so bright and with eye catching fabric! Thanks so much for sharing on Midweek Makers this week!

  4. Alas, I do have some of that print but not in grey. Good luck finding some!

  5. Love a bit of rainbow - this looks brilliant!

  6. I'm glad to see you're back! This quilt is so fun. I think the boats will look fine when they are in the whole quilt. It's amazing how the look of a block changes when the seam allowances are incorporated into the quilt. The tiny version of the boat is adorable, though. I have a little bit of the wood grain fabric, but it's yellow.

  7. it looks to me that the boat part is too dark for what you are trying to make, maybe a lighter brown? of a medium grey?

  8. Your blocks look great! Love the lighthouse and ship looks great with the starry night fabric.


  9. It's looking great. Glad you've been able to stay on top of the blocks.

  10. Very natty and nautical; nice! I like the simplicity of the little framed fussy cuts and all the squares lined up. Very ship shape :)

    pirates of the caribbean 5

  11. Like you, I love the same block in the tiny version. That rainbow octopus is special!
    I have heaps of boat patterns if you want to swap those out. Any size or ideas that you would like me to focus on?


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