Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Finish - Pinnie Parade FOMO!

Today could be Finish up Friday or it could be FOMO Friday! If you're into the Instagram (I'm well and truly hooked), you might have seen the hashtag #pinnieparade and the accompanying pics popping up this month. I know I have. I could resist no longer. Behold the pincushion trio!

A couple weeks ago, I snagged a copy of Amanda Jean Nyberg (of Crazy Mom Quilts fame)'s new book, No Scrap Left Behind. This lady is serious about scraps! And she may or may not have a pincushion addiction. She made one a day in July. You decide. Anyway, she had some patterns for pincushions at the end of the book and I thought they'd be a great way to use some of those wee scraplings that I just can part with!

I meant to pull teal scraps, but the greens were on top. And it just kind of happened! The pincushion is based on Amanda Jean's Bright Birch Trees block that I've always loved. To get started, I pieced together some strings of little green scraps. (Pen for scale!)

 They looked even nicer when pressed and trimmed!
 The setting strips of low volume Blueberry Park started out straight...
 And ended up wonky! Just the way I like 'em.
 Then on to the quilting. I might have gone a little overboard, but it works.
 And here's Green #1 all finished and ready for pins!

You know the best part about pincushion making? The smallest scrap can be used and a moderate sized one is gigantic! Talk about using one's resources. Though if you're looking to clear out your stash, you might need a pincushion a day challenge!

My teal scraps are pretty thin owing to the charity string blocks I've been making for my guild. But there are wee bits!  Perfect for some tiny improv on a skinny pinny.
 I improv pieced some triangles and strips from the pile.
 Again, when it's a small space, you can take the time to go a little nutty with the quilting density!
The only problem with skinny pincushions? They're tricky to turn right side out!
And here's Skinny Pinnie Teal #2

The last of the trio is brought to you by this gem, picked up by Dena @ No Frickin' Blog Yet at our guild yard sale. I know, I know... it's dated. I can't even show you the inside. There's just too much forest green....
But the four inch paper pieced blocks make perfect pincushions. Just goes to show that anything can be made modern!
 My pincushions are stuffed with crushed walnut shells, courtesy of the local pet store. They give the cushions a nice heft (they can double as pattern weights!)
I love this little fussy cut owl. Honestly, fussy cutting and paper piecing are my go to's lately! And here's Orange #3! Now I'm kind of thinking that I'd like a rainbow of pincushions. Hmmm... next week's finish perhaps?
It's nice to think I finished three projects in 24 hours! Yay me!

I'll be linking up with TGIFF @ Quilting is more Fun than Housework (Isn't that the truth!). I'll be hosting next week, so get your finishes photographed! I'm also linking up with Finished or Not Friday @ Busy Hands Quilts. and Can I get A Whoop Whoop? @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Pop on over and check out some other finishes!




  1. Your pincushions are so cute!! I love that little owl! :-)

  2. 3 in a 24 hours? That's awesome. A whole rainbow of pin cushions would certainly be colorful and a lovely touch of bright color.

  3. That owl is awesome. Hoo Hoo! Sorry couldn't resist.

  4. Making pincushions is on my to-do list. Using those colorful scraps is a great idea. Thanks for sharing with TGIFF. So cute!

  5. Too cute Jenn! The owl peeking out...much like the 'tall tales' blocks, this block would be perfect for fussy cutting! I wish I was home so I could make some darn pin cushions!

  6. Very cute pin cushions. And useful too of course!

  7. Very cute. You could be on your way to pincushion addiction.

  8. What a FUN way to knock out some scraps!!

  9. I really had fun watching Amanda Jean Nyberg make all those pin cushions. It's no wonder you're inspired. Yours are pretty fabulous, too!

  10. I love these! And yes, any book, no matter how ancient and green, can inspire great ideas.
    Welcome to the pincushion-addicted club. I just had half a 10-quart bag (I was not even sure how much a quart was so I looked it up - about a 9.5 litre bag) dropped off as a friend and I went halfsies in a bag. I already used up almost all of a 10-quart bag by myself and needed to restock!

  11. You know what they say! A girl can't have too many cute and adorable pincushions! Well done!

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