Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby steps...

It's been a while since my last post, but I have been sewing! It's just that a few of these little gems weren't for public consumption yet! I don't for a minute suppose that babies are reading my blog, but their parents might be!

 This one's for the brand new grand-baby of my husband's best fishing pal. It's based on a a photo from Flickr that I pinned a while back. I was pretty pleased with the fact that I just made it from a pic... very Q-D of me! It's made from scraps (all blues and whites) for a sweet little boy just three weeks old. It's quilted simply with the one-direction wiggly lines I've been partial to lately.

This one's for my newest little cousin (technically my second cousin). It's not your traditional baby quilt - not that I make a lot of those anyway! But these are the colours of his nursery and just what his mama wanted!I found the perfect pattern over at Sew4Home and decided to make it just like the tutorial - right down to the fabrics. So much fun sourcing them on-line and getting that fat envelope in the mailbox!

The quilting on this one is a total departure! I worked from the back, following the dark grey line. It looks really cool, and it's something I've never done before. Little Sammy will probably get a little something extra with his new quilty- some custom onesies made on my Yudu. Still haven't made a project that really combines quilting and screen printing, but I'm pretty sure I'll come up with one soon.
Though I haven't met him yet (his welcome party is tomorrow), I'm pretty sure he is a catch!

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