Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lazy Sunday...

All this week, I kept hoping that my little dream for this Sunday would come true - a day to myself to do as I pleased! I turned down a few things and made sure that little block on my iPhone calendar stayed blissfully empty! Time to sew! 

It all began with some green and gold strips... and a great reference book, Word Play Quilts by Tonya Ricucci. I bought this one a while back and have made a few projects. The improvisational method for making letters really makes me feel creative... I'm not just following a pattern, I'm creating something.

 Here's today's masterpiece... so far!

I know the colours are a little jarring, but it's a quilt with a purpose. It expresses my school's motto... and, of course, is made in our school colours.
 I just have to figure out if it's going to become one double-sided quilt or two separate pieces. Must consult the powers that be!


Since this project is stalled for the moment, I decided to work on something that was pure fun!

For the first time, I've combined my quilting with a little Yudu action. I made some cool t-shirts with Mr. Nephew & Miss Niece a couple weeks ago. I was so pleased with the print that I made a couple extras on white Kona... just in case.

Custom t-shirts - colour combos picked by the kiddies

 One of those screen print orphans turned into this pillow. I dove into my stash and pulled some funky lime, yellow, grey & black printed fabric (and a dash of Kona solids, of course!) I did a kind of wonky log cabin block to make a 14 1/2 inch square. I thought I might just leave it unquilted, but I was overtaken by an urge to push my limits in the free motion department. So I quilted each fabric with a different (and new to me) pattern... some worked better than others, but it was fun! And I only broke 2 needles. I ended up finishing it with a top stitch needle as that was all I had left in the tool box. Guess I'll be stopping in a my local fabric shop tomorrow!

There`s still a few hours before bed and, if I don`t waste too much time preparing and eating supper, I might just get in some more sewing. Christmas projects await!

Thanks for reading!


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