Friday, December 07, 2012

More the fun with the Squares!

Ah, bee shenanigans! Over a year ago, at our first Bee retreat, the Squares and I took on our second  Q-Squared Challenge. Each of us contributed a fat quarter of our (secret) chosen fabric.

Here's where we begin! We could use one neutral and 3 additional fabrics... there was a size limit, but I can't remember what it was any more! This past week-end was the reveal (finally)!

Q-A made this little gem. The plaid fabric inspired her to make a basket weave. It's even got appliqué flowers!

Q-B went really outside the box and made this bag. It's not exactly a quilt, but she felt like making it and she used the fabric!

Q-D went wild and broke some dishes!

And as for me...  I did some paper piecing. Flying geese in a circle! And surprise, surprise, I found the tutorial on-line at the The Sometimes Crafter. I really went crazy with the quilting and echo quilted the living daylights out of it. I know this isn't my most stunning quilt, but to me, there's something freeing about just making something for the sake of making it. It doesn't have a purpose or a destination... it's a wander of a little quilt.

Another challenge done! 2013 will mean the start of a new one - a block exchange inspired by Block Party - The Modern Quilting Bee I'm up first so I better get to choosing some fabric and a block for my sewing elves, I mean, the Squares to get working on in January! No doubt you'll hear more about it soon! 


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