Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Fun!

It seems like it's been forever since I spent much time in the studio. I swear, there's likely a layer of dust on my machine!

Most years I crank out a number of quilt-y Christmas presents and this year is no exception. Though I only managed two projects, they were sizable!

Both sets of parents got new tree skirts! For the Z's, I used the block tutorial over at House of A la Mode as suggested by Stitched in Color. The fabrics are a wide selection of reds, greens, and golds. You'd think it would have made a dent in the Christmas stash, but there's still way too much in that pile!


It's already headed home to Cape Breton and found it's place under the tree!

For the T''s, I needed a replacement for the horrendous dusty rose and ivory poinsettia creation that's been under the tree for some time. I take full responsibility for it's creation, but it had to go! Before you ask, I will NOT be posting a pic of that treasure!
Their tree features a lot of gold and red, so this seemed a good colour combo. And a reason to use more Holiday Flourish by Robert Kaufman. Q-D and I are particularly big fans of this fabric line. It'll be all I can do not to add more to the stash in the Boxing Day sale temptation!

Once again, I didn't manage to make one for our household. I'm calling these my prototypes... maybe next year! It took me forever to find the right stocking pattern for Mr. Z and I!
And with most of the holiday madness over, there may actually be time for some quilting/sewing before heading back to work!

Merry Christmas all!


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