Friday, June 28, 2013

Cosmo - Bringing two loves together...

So, we all know I have some issues with Kona solids...

When there's no more room in the cubby, does that mean I have to stop buying them?

What about the scrap bin... it's not truly full if I can still get the lid on.

But did you know have a thing for Amy Butler prints? I've been trying really hard to use up my Amy stash. I covered my fabulous ironing board cover, whipped up a thread catcher for workshops, and made a queen size qui-vet (more to come on what exactly a qui-vet is!) With so many of my current projects hitting the unwieldy quilting stage, I thought it might be fun to switch it up a little.

Enter more Amy Butler... this time from her book, Style Stitches.I've been coveting the bag on the front cover ever since I first bought this book... we all know that would have been sometime in 2011! Here's where my two loves come together. I chose a floral print A.B print (Water Bouquet in midnight) and two Konas: Peapod for the exterior accent and Bahama Blue for the lining.
 After 2+ hours of cutting, I finally had all my pieces ready to go last night. I decided to save the iron on interfacing for this morning when my brain was a little fresher! A good plan, since it took me another hour to get them all fused!

Now, on to the fun bit - sewing! If you've never used an Amy Butler pattern, you should know that they are DETAILED. The Cosmo bag has 14 steps, each one broken down into anywhere from 6 to 11 sub-steps. And it's listed as being easy. God help me if I ever decide to make the difficult patterns!

Here's one of the early steps that I'm particularly proud of... pleats!

I called it a day at Step 6g. Honestly, I don't know what to do next and am in desperate need of my Q Squares to help me figure out Steps 6h to k!

But here she is so far... glamorous, non?

Hope the sun is shining where you are and that you're sewing up something fun these days!


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