Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP - The summer begins...

How is it that summer has finally arrived just as I get to the sweatiest (sorry, people) part of the quilting process in the majority of my projects? For those of you who have never quilted a queen size quilt in 25+ degrees with 80% humidity, you haven't lived. I'd like to think it has weight loss effects... 

Mme S-S's retirement quilt - Tonnes of progress has been made! I finished the blocks for the top over the week-end and even pieced a back with the remaining fabric. I've even got it layered and ready to quilt. I'm a little stumped - suggestions welcome!


K's Dare - Went on a FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) last Friday, but was unsuccessful in the
search for backing fabric. I ended up buying a whack of Kona (Peacock). It's not exactly what I had in mind, but options for fabric shopping in person are pretty limited in my city! I had to get a move on since the birthday looms large on the horizon!
And yes, I do measure and label all the fabric in my stash! Early on in my quilting, I got tired of measuring pieces of fabric to see if I had enough. I won't go into all the details, but there is colour-coding (those who know me would not be shocked by this!).

 Transformer - No progress
Ocean Strata - No progress
2013 M1 quilt  - Top is completed, layered, and ready to quilt. Part of me wants to get this little job out of the way even though it doesn't really have to be done until September!

Warm/Cool HST - No progress.

And two new projects for the list...

Lunch Box Challenge (mine) - Batting and backing are purchased, just needs to be layered. I think I'll wait until I have K's Dare and Mme S-S's quilts well in hand before I layer and quilt!

Lunch Box Challenge (not mine)  - Why do I have two Lunch Box Challenge quilts, you ask? Well, a member of our guild became ill this year and passed away just after the Lunch Box Challenge reveal. Her quilt was homeless... her intent had been to donate it to someone with mental illness. When the call went out for someone to quilt it, I put my name forward. I didn't know this sweet little lady well, but I'd like to think that someone would do the same for me! I'd show you the full quilt, but it's already folded/rolled and ready to quilt. If you look carefully, you'll see what happens when you don't plan carefully when buying backing!

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  1. Ahh if only it did have weight loss effects! Wouldn't that be wonderful?
    Beautiful quilt top! Wish i had some sage quilty suggestions for you, but i tend to always resort to straight line quilting!


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