Friday, September 27, 2013

Fabric Friday!

Judging from my recent blog posts (or the lack of them!), one could easily believe that I've not been doing much sewing. You'd be right... but it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking... plotting... dreaming of when I have time and energy to sew.

All this dreaming has been accompanied by a burst of fabric buying... both on-line and locally. First to arrive were these little Kona of the month club gems from Sew Sisters. Gotta tell you, this is one of the best Christmas presents I've gotten in a long time. Fabric that keeps arriving month after month? Yes, please! That's Chinese Red, Snow, Parchment, and Pepper for you Kona watchers out there!
Mariners Quilt Guild is having a strip exchange this year! For each meeting, a colour or style has been assigned. To participate, members sign up the week before. I'm in for the polka dot exchange at our next meeting. It's a little nerve wracking choosing fabric for an challenge, but I thought this one would give lots of colour options. And check out that selvage!
I've so far resisted buying any of the fabrics from the Timeless Treasures Mini line, even though my local shop has brought in a pile of them. But I never noticed these little hedgies. I do love some hedgehog action! I must continue to resist the flamingos, zebras, and monkeys... and foxes. Let's not forget the foxes.
You might remember these colours from a post a while back... I've finally decided to use them for my Toes in the Sand sampler. Orange and teal! I have lots of fabric in those colours, but I felt like I needed a some prints that weren't one or the other. There just wasn't anything available locally, so off I clicked to Hawthorne Threads.
And then there are the "just because" fabrics that I threw in the virtual shopping basket. I mean, I was paying shipping anyway, right? The glasses were just too fun and hipster to leave behind, the text print has been calling my name for a while now, and the Valori Wells Wrenly print was on sale. Enough justification for you?
AND Hawthorne Threads had their scrap packs on sale. They have three varieties: fresh, cool, and warm.  I went for the fresh pack. I've gotten it before... there's something really fun about not knowing what you're getting. I didn't love the amount of pink in this mix, but there are some nice pieces nonetheless.
 Who doesn't love a little octopus...
 Or a mermaid snatching a whale by the tail?
 I have no idea what I'm going to do with this frogs on a summer picnic print!
As I type, all these lovelies are swishing around in the washer. Yes, I'm a dedicated pre-washer. It's another of those habits I learned very early in my quilting career ☺ and  I just can't let it go. I wash my fabric just as I would wash clothes. I hate the idea that the quilts I make have to be treated with kid gloves. Wash 'em when they need it... if they wear out, they were well loved. It's all good. The only concession I make is to throw in a Shout Colour Catcher. They suck up any excess dye in the wash water and prevent colour bleeding.

I've got to stop buying and get back to sewing! Maybe tomorrow....


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  1. The hedgehogs are so cute. I am doing the trunk show at AF tomorrow (today) afternoon. Who knows what I might find. :-)


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