Sunday, September 08, 2013

Quilt Therapy - Sewin' with the Squares!

I knew it. Back to work = less quilting. I also knew that the way to fend off the first week back blahs would be some Quilt Therapy, so I rounded up the Squares for a session.
As per usual, it was a productive day with each of us working away on multiple projects. Q-B finished the top for this wedding present quilt just recently. All that remained was to tear off all the paper pieced foundations. Yes, that whole thing is paper pieced! It's couch sized! Yikes!
When her fingers got tired of picking at that ghastly paper, Q-B switched to binding some placemats that have been on the WIP pile for a  bit. Alas, she just wasn't lovin' the way the machine binding was looking, so she opted to hand stitch them at home. Back to the paper foundations!
Q-A was working away on her first HST project. Yes, the addiction is spreading. Only Q-B has yet to succumb.
These HSTs featured some pretty darn cute prints from a Sew Sisters fat quarter of the month delivery. I love this little hamster. I'd be lying if I said I didn't snitch a scrap or two.
By day's end, Q-A had enough HSTs for two baby quilts. She even got one all sewn together. You might recognize that layout (hint, hint).
Q-A also brought along the blocks from her second!!! Transformer quilt to discuss lay-outs. One of the best parts of a Quilt Therapy session with Q-Squared is the way we help each other with quilt-y decision making and problem solving. We do some of it with digital photography via a closed group on FaceBook, but nothing beats an in-person quilt consult. Q-A decided on a chevron layout for these 9 inchers. They're destined to become a king size. I've never made a quilt that big and just typing it makes me cringe. At least she's sending it out to be quilted!
I wasn't quite as productive as Q-A and Q-B, but I did get the borders on the Double Irish Chain Redux. I really needed a consult for colours and sizes.
I'm planning a pieced back to use up the leftovers from the quilt top. Less to buy and gets some odd bits out of the stash. Besides that, it makes the back just a little more interesting. ☺
I'm in an odd spot with my quilting where I don't have many things to work on.This summer, I quilted so much that most everything is done. I know, I know, quit bragging. But it left me with not so much to work on during this session. So.... out came the hexies!
Please don't ask what these are destined to become. I just don't know. All I know is that I'm enjoying seeing this project get bigger and bigger. 

What's this, you say, no pics of what Q-D was working on? Alas, she was absent for this session. Not one but two social occasions in her native L-Burg kept her from us. But I'm sure we'll see more of her antics next time!


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  1. Antics!?! LOL Good thing I was busy that day and not just unable to be there, I would have been home sulking. :-(


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