Thursday, June 12, 2014

Global Scrap Bee - April Edition

Nope, you didn't read wrong! I had a major air head moment and completely missed doing a block for April's Queen Bee, Robin Sue from over at RobinSue Quilts. Honestly sometimes I wonder where my brain is these days!

Anyway, Robin Sue was kind enough to create her own tutorial for the Colorado Beauty Block she requested. And we got to make it in whatever colour we wanted! I opened up my cool scrap bin, planning to cut into some turquoise, but look what greeted me...
How could I resist those lovely royal blues? They're leftover bits from J-Boy's Good Old Hockey Game quilt and they're large enough to work perfectly for the needed 4 inch squares. Love that Pearl Bracelet!
 Don't you just love an HST? They come together so quickly and are just so darned versatile!
I just had to include a shot of the newest addition to my studio, brought back from the US by the Z's. My new scrap basket! It's made by Beth Ezold of Fernhaven Quilting and Crafts in New Hampshire. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sort of trying to figure out how it's made! ☺
And here's the finished product! I do love it when I can sew in the evening and still get good outdoor light to snap a pic. Summer's here on the East Coast! Please excuse my toe... it does add a nice little pop of red to the composition though!
Now I can truly say I'm back on track with my bee blocks! Next up, Queen Bee for June Barb's request for a Liberated Wedding Ring block. But I still have the rest of the month for that!



  1. Very nice Jenn! Love the royal.

  2. Ha ha, looking good no matter what month.

  3. I did all my May Bee Blocks on June 1st. Whatev

  4. Love the royal blues. And I love the block! I may have to try that one out sometime in the near future :)

  5. Your April block is darling. I've not made one of the baskets, yet, but I do know how they're made. I'm hoping to be at the sew-in on the 28th. I can share the technique with you then. I even have the cotton clothesline, to make it.


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