Friday, June 20, 2014

The Library Project - Sew much more productive Edition!

After last month's true confessions edition, I have upped my game in The Library Project department. I swore that I would NOT begin my top secret, yet-to-be-shared project before making some progress on my current project, Good Old Hockey Game.

And I haven't! I've been dedicated to getting some WiPs off the Gotta do list and onto the Yippee!!! It's done list (okay, I don't really have that list... I just cross them off... but that makes me pretty danged happy!)

Long story short - I've finished the top!
It took a couple sessions of appliqué to get this done. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I am not the biggest fan of this technique.... probably because I've never really been happy with the results in the past. But I've recently done a block for my Skill Builder BOM that taught me lots of tricks for appliqué. The right needle, the right size stitches - it made a huge difference. Go figure!

Today, I even got that bad boy layered and ready to quilt. I love extra wide backings and Spot On from Robert Kaufman fit the bill perfectly for this one!
I went outside my comfort zone in prepping this quilt. Normally, I layer my quilts on the art room tables at work. I use binder clips to attach the backing to the edge of the table, then smooth and stretch (just a little) the batting, then smooth the top. Then there's (seemingly) hours of pinning. Not this time! I opted to lay my layers out on the floor in the family room. I taped the batting to the floor (just a little) and used spray adhesive. I usually only use it for smaller projects (placemats, baby quilts), but I'm planning to FMQ this quilt and I don't want to mess about pins in my work area.

Since the last link-up, I also sent my first Library Project Oh Deer! to it's forever home. More progress!

But that's not all... I decided to throw in another TLP pattern this week. I've had this pattern....
on the shelf for a while now. It uses the same ruler as Toes in the Sand. It's the Hex n' More from Jaybird Quilts. I kept looking at this itty bitty pattern and wanting to make it. And since I've been feeling the pull of practicality lately, the finished product will be a present!

If you caught a peek of my Christmas fabric stash, you wouldn't necessarily think "practical". But I have a tough time resisting those 30% off post-Christmas sales.
The other nice thing about this pattern is that the cutting instructions are for two co-ordinating pillows. Who only wants one pillow anyway? The pattern calls for a charm pack, but I opted to make my own from my (substantial) Christmas stash! The fabrics I've selected are mostly from the Holiday Flourish line. They're a little more bling-y than I'd pick for myself... but then again, these pillows aren't for me!
I've said it before I'm sure, but that Hex n' More sure does make cutting triangles a breeze!
My latest trick is to use a piece of batting as a portable design wall. I'm able to put it beside my sewing area and grab pieces to sew without getting up. That was important with this one since I planned the fabric distribution pretty carefully.
To be fair, I'm only counting this as ½ a Library Project. It's pretty small... I'll need to find another small project in my collection to round things out!
Now to tuck them away as a Christmas present. I suspect it's going to be a little tricky getting much sewing done close to Christmas this year!

All in all, not too shabby this month! One and ½ projects done of four and still 6 months to go! I'm linking up with Chezzetcook Modern Quilts for the monthly Library Project Link-up. Can't wait to see what everyone else has gotten up to this month.



  1. "it's going to be a little tricky getting much sewing done close to Christmas this year!" LOL!!

  2. Oh, as you know how I feel about the Holiday Flourish, they are certainly not too blingy! :-) Very pretty.

  3. Love the pillows! I actually thought about purchasing the exact same pattern earlier this evening. May have to pick it up now :) Great progress!

  4. Love the pillows. I'm starting to love Jaybird Quilt patterns.

  5. you know how I feel about the Hockey top - fab! And look at you spray basting a biggie. I seriously cannot remember the last time I pinned. I think I may have given it up. Awesome Progress!

  6. You are amazing! Love the little bitty - and your Christmas cushions are gorgeous! Perfect backing fabric for the hockey quilt... but missed seeing it pinned on the art tables ... next time?

  7. Lovely! They look really good - I have got to check out Jaybird Quilt patterns!

  8. I love this pattern and of course, you need to make two pillows, especially when they work so well together. Your fabric choices worked beautifully here. I'll have to check out the Hex n' More ruler. Then I'm off to Skill Builder BOM.


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