Saturday, November 08, 2014


So, yeah... Kona solids have turned 30! And in honour of that anniversary, there's an awesome blog hop.
I can't believe I wasn't asked to be part of the blog hop... I mean, shouldn't there be a real life superfan among that who's who? Oh well.. I'll get over it.

I've been checking out all the stops during the hop's first week (it runs until December 3rd!) and entering all the giveaways. There's no "Rafflecopter, sign up for a newsletter, blah, blah, blah." You just leave a comment and are entered in the giveaway. And the fabric gods have looked upon me with favour! I won... I actually frickin' won! There's a charm pack of the 32 new colours headed my way. And to make it even better, I also won a free Craftsy class from Anita Grossman Solomon of Make it Simpler.

Just in case you can't get enough Kona inspiration from the posts, you can flip through (or even download) the Kona Cotton Lookbook: 30 Quilts for 30 Years. It features the quilts made by each of the bloggers on the hop! I'm drooling already!
Robert Kaufman Lookbooks - Kona Cotton Lookbook: 30 Quilts for 30 Years
And to pay homage in my own little way to Kona's 30th b-day, I'm adding a new page to my blog. If you're a Kona junkie (or want proof of my Kona-mania), check out the tab at the top of the page titled "Kona Love."



  1. What we do without Kona? Definitely a "Go-To" for any solid needed! Thanks!

  2. What would a Kona giveaway be without you? They know who their superfans are!

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with the new color pack!
    Thank you for the links, what a great slideshow!

  4. I'm a lover of Kona, too. I have one Kona card that is intact; the other was chopped into little bits and mounted to card stock with Velcro so I can pull swatches off and take them to the fabric shop or match them to my current project. If RKF ever stopped production on Kona Snow, I would cry like a baby.

  5. Congratulations! I've won 2 things this year, so it's an awesome feeling! Celebrate! Very cool!


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