Thursday, November 06, 2014

WIP Thursday - A day late and a dollar short...

I know that WIP Thursday just doesn't have the same ring to it as WIP Wednesday, but things just didn't come together the way I'd planned yesterday! Oh well...

Last week, we had a new arrival at our house... nope, not Double Trouble, but the long awaited sectional  that we ordered (seemingly) forever ago. It's very comfy and looks great in the family room. But it needs some softening up. Those expanses of dark brown leather cry out for some pillows. My inspiration for the fabric pull came from a striped cotton twill that I've used to cover some big 'ole floor pillows.  Here's what I came up with....

I know, I know.... what's with the dull colours? Where did these Konas even come from?  They are (from the top) Mustard, Green Tea, Bonsai, Avocado, Robin Egg, Caribbean, Chocolate, & Snow. The reality is that as bright as my quilts can be at times, those tones don't always work practically in my home. Himself does like to have a say... and he's more of an earth tone kinda guy.

Anyway, I opted to make two of The Metro from Pillow Pop. Have I mentioned how great this book is? No need for me to include it in The Library Project - I've made more projects from it than from any other book I own!
This pillow is currently living on the couch... its 20 inch square size makes it perfect for lounging on, but the colours don't really work! These work much better...
 Can you figure out what Kona got dropped and what two got added? We'll see who really knows their stuff... I'm looking at you, Lynn from Buttons Quilts or perhaps you, Aimee from Candy Coated Quilts.
On to the quilting... I keep a few less than stellar prints in my stash to use as the backing when I'm making pillows. I don't like having the batting exposed and you barely see the backing once you put an envelope back on the pillow.
I went with random straight line quilting... unoriginal since this is just how it's quilted in the book. But it's quick and easy... works for me!
I marked with my trusty Frixion pen... I went for blue as I've had some troubles with red leaving ghost marks on white backgrounds.
 Here's the same section... post ironing. I just love those pens! I think it's that they mark like a ballpoint pen (since that's what they are) instead of the scratchiness of the usual fabric marking pen.
Once the pillows were trimmed, I moved on to the envelope backing. I always mean to branch out into zipper backs, but never have the right colour on hand when I need it. When I'm this close to finishing, there are no trips to the LQS! After auditioning a few backings (and finding that I really don't have a lot of large pieces of fabric in these colours!), I went for Bluebird Park by Kate & Byrdie that I bought in Montréal this summer.
Love that selvage! Such a junkie...
When I sew an envelope backing, I always make sure to start and end at the section where the two backing pieces overlap. I figure that if it's going to rip, this is the likely breaking point, so I stitch it a few times!
As for the pillow form, I went for re-purposing this time around. We've recently gone from two spare beds to one air mattress, so there are extra pillows floating around (and no extra closet space to store them in). I also hate throwing out pillows when they get a little long in the tooth. It's not like throw pillows get slept on nightly!

You need some sharp scissors to get through all that stuffing, but it's kind of fun! I even take the stuffing from the cut off section and bulk up the section to be used for the pillow.
And they're already on the couch... they made watching Gray's Anatomy this evening so much more comfy!
Even though this print is a little cutesy, I think it works! And there are hedgies. Honestly, I should do an entire quilt of hedgies. Perhaps a Polaroid quilt?
Though I'm a day late and a dollar short, I'm linking up with Let's Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts! Thank goodness Lorna is generous with her link-up closure time! Head on over and see what others are making this week!


P.S. And since this WIP turned into a Finish, I'll likely be linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday! ☺


  1. Nice colours!

    Next time you're marking a straight line design, try a hera marker. It works amazingly well, never runs out, it's super cheap, and there are no marks you need to get rid of and no ghost marks that return to haunt you! (Can you tell I'm a fan?)

  2. Bonsai got dropped and you picked up a blue. You only named one blue in your list, but have used three. Could it be Capri and Peacock? Anyways... Your pillows turned out great! Love the backing fabric you chose. Those hedgehogs are so cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  3. Cute pillows! The backing works perfectly. Great upcycling of the pillows!

  4. Love the pillows! And I love the Bluebird Park print. I have that book and have not made anything out of it yet. I will have to soon :)

  5. I think the backing works out perfectly with those pillows, I love it! Also, thanks for the tip on re-sizing bed pillows, I always seem to end up with more pillows than I need--nice to have another use for them.

  6. Love your color combos and great pillows ! I'll have to look for that book.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  7. I think your additional blue might be Breakers. Am I close?

  8. Beautiful colors on the pillows! They would match my furniture really well (hint hint)...

  9. Great pillow finish. Can't wait to see them on the new sectional.

  10. Loving these pillows and such a great choice! I am loving the Hedgies for sure! I think the back matches perfectly for the color of the new sectional!

  11. Hurrah! Hedgehogs! I bought a similar print and haven't found a home for it yet, but it was too cute to resist.

  12. Hi! Yes, I know this post is almost a month old and I am just getting around to commenting. I really did read it when it appeared but I had nothing to say. I just clued into the idea of the Polaroid quilt of hedgies. I love that idea. What a great excuse to buy more hedgie prints. This can be something you do in your spare time. ;-) Aren't you glad I waited a month to comment?? LOL


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