Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Edge!

Knowing that this year was going to be, well.... different, I worked ahead to get some presents done. If you can manage it, this is really the way to go. You get the fun of making presents without the stress of last-minute sewing and worrying if it will be done in time. I think there are more sewn presents this year than many others!
The gift of the year was definitely pillows... Christmas pillow covers and pillow cases for the little ones (and some teenager-y ones too!) Last January, I went a little wild and made a pile of pillow cases.
I even wrote a tutorial. You know, in case you want to make some too. That Christmas fabric will soon be on sale!
I also made pillow covers for  Himself's brother and his SO... I blogged about them here. Love this fabric and the Jawbreaker pattern from Jaybird Quilts!
For the 'Rents, pillows from another Jaybird pattern, Candy Dish. This one uses charm squares, but I cut into my Christmas stash instead. These will coordinate with the Christmas tree pants I made a couple years back.
And for Himself's parents, more pillows! These also coordinate with the tree skirt I made for them. I had lots of fun doing those EPP hexies and the other pillow is the plus pattern that started it all!
For two of my favourite crafty girls, Miss E and Miss O, I whipped up some Noodlehead Road Trip Cases. I blogged about the process here. They loved them! I suspect that the one on the right is already fully stocked with Rainbow Loom paraphernalia and the one on the right has some sweet art supplies in it!
The largest project completed for this year is J-Boy's Good Old Hockey Game quilt, one of my projects for The Library Project. There's a Friday Finish post in the works on this one... getting out to take pics has been a challenge for me. Thankfully, I contracted out for a few! I can't wait to hear what J-Boy thinks of this one!

And for Double Trouble? Well, Santa doesn't sew things, but Mamma sure does! When I made their Christmas Big Butt Baby Pants, I decided it would be fun for them to have a little quilty for their first Christmas. You know, for seasonal tummy time...
I have now used absolutely every scrap of that red flannel print. There are some really small segments in that binding!☺
And behold... my first completed project since DT arrived! Christmas bibs!

Honestly, why didn't I think of these months ago? I used the same pattern as the every day bibs. Okay, in truth, I used the every day bibs. I flopped down four layers of fabric (2 print, 2 flannel), pinned the spit up stained every day bib in place, and cut out around it. I was rushing so much that I didn't even slow down to use coordinating thread! DT have a tendency to wake up in the middle of projects requiring hands... there was no time to spare!

I leave you with a couple of my favourite Christmas thoughts...

Hope you and yours have wonderful holiday season!



  1. How nice to hear from you again. I have been wondering how you've been getting on with the babies. Clearly everyone is getting by, but you just haven't had time for sewing or blogging, which was always to be expected. Sleeping, eating and getting through each day are probably your top priorities right now. I hope you enjoy your first Christmas with your little bundles of joy. In a few months when they start to smile and interact more you will know all the hard work has been worth it. Merry Christmas to everyone at your house.

  2. A very Merry Christmas to you, your family, and DT! You got so much accomplished; it really does say a lot for planning ahead.

  3. I hope you are enjoying every split second with your little ones on their first Christmas ... they must be so adorable right now! Merry Christmas xx

  4. Merry Christmas, Jenn! What a gorgeous line up of gifts. You have accomplished so much! Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years!!!!

  5. I really should take your advice and start on 2015's Christmas gifts soon. I totally skipped 2014! You are right that cushions make a great gift.


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