Thursday, April 09, 2015

Another first... #TBT

#TBT has been all over FaceBook and, I suspect, the Twitter, for some time now. But today is the first time Throwback Thursday has made it to A Quarter Inch from the Edge! Introducing Bali Twist... circa 2001!
I made this one early on in my quilting career (my 17th quilt according to my records) as a wall-hanging for my bedroom. I had painted it a rather unfortunate colour of green. Once I repainted my room... au revoir slime cave, bonjour inside of a lit pumpkin... this little quilt languished in a closet. Until Q-D (who was just plain 'ole D at the time) wanted a little something to brighten the walls of her office. 

I don't know that I've ever made another quilt featuring a center medallion. Pretty funny considering that Technicolor Galaxy, my goal for April's ALYOF, has one!

And it has a solid... probably not a Kona though. I've been into them since before they were cool!
I went pretty minimal on the quilting. It would definitely benefit from some more! I guess I hadn't learned the "no space larger than your fist" rule yet.
And let's just look away from that machine binding. Yikes. This is why I started doing it by hand.... oh the wonkiness. Not trendy... just poor construction.
Well before the blog, when I finished a quilt, it got entered into my quilt records. Trust me to have archival materials to support my post...
Title: Bali Twist
Completed: April 2001
Size: 38 by 38 inches
Fabrics Used: Bali Fat Quarter collection ordered from Keepsake Quilting, my first ever mail order fabric purchase and my first balis!
Konas Used: likely none.... but there is a solid that looks rather like Kona Copen
Quilting: Straight line using white thread 
Binding: Machine stitched (badly ☺), bali print 
Backing: Same solid that appears in the quilt top
Favourite Part(s): Bringing this one out of the vault and thinking about the adventures it has been on!

What do you think? Most of us have quilts hanging out in our collections that were never blogged about. I've been quilting for something like 17 years (Yikes!) and only blogging for 3. Would you jump on the TBT bandwagon? I smell a new link-up...



  1. I love that you have such detailed records of the quilt! That is really neat. I don't have photographs of most of my pre-2008 quilts, and I have to stretch about to try and remember exactly what I made! I have a few of them on hand, but most of them I gave away as gifts, so it would be hard for me to blog about some of my really old work. But if it is a linky party... I'd give it a go for a bit! ;)

  2. Wow! Would love to take a gander at your Quilt Archives! What a fantastically brilliant mind you have!

  3. Tag you're it...creator of a new linky party.

  4. oh! flash back. I think I had/have most of those Bali's! great minds and all that!!! lol

  5. I love how you keep records of your quilt making.

  6. Love your idea for a flash back linky party! Your record keeping is awesome. I just use a three-ring binder with plastic page protectors and stuff everything in: pattern, swatches, photo, thank-you note from recipient, etc.

  7. Love your record keeping. You mentioned you machine quilted (badly) but now your quilting is top of the line. It's nice to look back at where we were and where we are now.

  8. Jenn you must have made an amazing number of quilts if that was #17 way back when. It looks really cool! Never look too closely at your early machine sewn bindings. Some people can do them quite nicely but not me. I have learned that lesson with my own quilts too and will only do a hand finished one now. I've only been quilting for 4 years and blogging for almost 1, but as a general idea, a TBT linky party would be fun!

  9. Plain 'ole D here, lol. I have to admit I had to think about this for a bit. I have so many memories if that office, not all good but I remember how much I loved displaying your quilt. I suspect this was the beginning of my love affair with batiks. Surprise, it is all your fault, LOL. Thank you for the trip down memory lane, the loan of the quilt and all the awesome times.


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