Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday De-Stash

So I had this little idea. You know those lovely little bits that are hanging out in your stash. The ones too good to part with that you know you're not going to use? What if you could sell 'em, swap 'em... in general, send them to a good home. Well, that's what we did this week at our monthly meeting of the MMQG.

Each seller laid out their wares on a table and left a jar for their cashola. Then we went on a shop hop from table to table! I can't say I didn't add anything to my stash... I mean, there was some good stuff there. Like this FQ pack from Nurse Marie (ret.). Anja @ Anja Quilts had the same one a while back from Sew Sisters and I fell hard and fast for those hamsters. Why? Your guess is as good as mine...

And Adrienne @ Chezzetcook Modern Quilts had a massive clean-out! I resisted a lot of her goodies, but this Amy Butler stripe had to come home with me. It had to. It can join the other piece I have of it... oh dear.
I ended up taking a lot of my "treasures" home, but it just made it easier for me to transfer them to the donation boxes I keep in the basement instead of having them come back in the studio. And I made a net profit of 2$! Score!

You can read all about our shenanigans from another perspective on our guild's blog. We're thinking of making it an annual thing! Mentioned in the post is our low volume swap. I was a little apprehensive... low volume can be a tricky, tricky concept to define. But it didn't go too badly... our Swap Master, Amanda, was on high alert!
I particularly like these teal prints... but you'd never have guessed that?

Somehow I ended up with a stack of this print. Hmmm.... I say tone on tone. Someone else says low volume. Thoughts?
 Mmm... fabric-y goodness.

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  1. I love both of these ideas! The first is like a non-guilt inducing way to send some stash on it's way. Low volume is a tricky thing, I struggle with classifying it. My brain struggles to wrap around what can be included (I automatically gravitate towards white and gray or white and tan, but white with another color makes me balk.) Cruising quilt blogs is helping me out, but it's a WIP. Lol.

  2. Thanks for the de-stash inspiration! I think I'll write a post about my latest adventures/struggles in that direction for Molli's link-up too.
    I have the worst time getting rid of fabric: after all, it's perfectly usable; I paid good money for it(!); and it represents such *potential* A pat on the back for saying "away" with the usable-but-not-by-me fabric goodies

  3. LV's are super tricky and a bit confusing to me. I haven't really felt like I have joined in or caught on, but by joining a stash bee I am definitely working toward a bit of understanding this year! The destash event sounds really interesting, and how great that it freed you up to donate or remove items that didn't get picked up at your guild.

  4. Oh that fabric yard sale would have been good but oh so bad lol.

    I always have a difficult time figuring out what to do for the Low Volume prints...especially when it comes to what other people may like. I may join in on that Charm Square train at some point....send mine in the mail with return postage ;)

  5. a guild yard sale. we've done that, and it's fun! (and you even came home with a NET profit! yay, you!!!) low volume- never even heard of that until I bought the book Sunday morning quilts. (funny, but way back in the day, we called them neutrals! ) I love working with low volume fabrics... so, if I'm hearing you right: you're saying that tone on tone is NOT low volume?

  6. What a wonderful idea and a win-win situation for everyone participating! Looks like you found some lovely new stash additions to play with and a great LV selection. Wow. Serious eye candy there.

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with those hamsters. The yard sale was fun.

  8. it is all relative! lol Anyone remember no darker than sand quilts?

  9. Of course you needed more of the stripe. Now you have enough for the ... um ... thing you were going to make.
    I love the charm swap. They would all be perfect for my Stash Bee plans in August. I made my sample block over the weekend. Maybe I should link back to these photos! (Tone-on-tone prints are VERY low volume, almost silent, in fact.)

  10. I love those low volume prints, particularly the teal, who said LVs had to be whites and creams??

  11. those low volumes are delish - but I do call tone on tone on that stack... I think the Yardsale was a great success. Thanks for the idea!


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