Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Stash - Off the wagon again...

Hi. My name is Jenn and it's been four days since my last fabric purchase. I fell off the Fabricaholics Anonymous wagon this week.

First up, a little something from Pile O Fabric! I was in dire need of a few notions for the next few blocks of Technicolor Galaxy. Those cute little packages are pre-cut stabilizers for the July Orange Peel and August Hexie Flowers.
This bit of lime green loveliness was in the sale bin. I couldn't just leave it there, now could I? Is it wrong how much I love getting fabric from Pile O Fabric? I don't need to worry about selvages to remember the designer and collection. Or where I ordered it from?
 And there was this cool sticker! There's always a little something fun tucked into a Pile O Fabrics order!
The envelope from Sew Sisters was much squishier! They've got 20% off Carol Friedlander Doe until the end of July and Q-D and I just couldn't resist.
From left to right, there's Blueprint in Blue, Triangles in Black, Striped Columns in Sage, Woven in White, and Woodgrain in Sky. This is the one I've been waiting on...
I've decided to take a leap into garment sewing... for myself! After successfully making a number of pairs of Big Butt Baby Pants for BT and a Geranium Dress for GT, I feel like I'm ready to take on one of Mae by Rae's patterns for myself. I had hoped to participate in the Beatrixalong for her newest pattern, but it just didn't come together this week. Maybe next week... I look forward to reading through all her helpful blog posts soon!

At least I can say that the small additions to my stash this week all have a purpose and a plan! Yay me! I'm linking up today with Molli "The Enabler" Sparkles who's making me want some Dove Aurifil. I am so damned suggestible.
Molli Sparkles



  1. I put the fun sticker from Pile O'Fabric on my longarm. My plan is to cover it with fun quilting related stickers over time. Why not, right? I do love how Alyssa marks her fabric; it is so convenient. And for a selvage lover like you, that means you can go ahead and take what you want for the selvage bin!

  2. I'll pick you up on the way to the Fabricaholics Anonymous meeting. LOL Have fun with your Made by Rae pattern.

  3. You are not alone....same meeting once a week :) I'm due for a stash post....had two deliveries on Friday....ah the excitement! Love the Doe prints. Olfa blades are on sale too for this month! Let me know how the orange peels go :)

  4. Oooh I'm totally vibing on the woodgrain. and the blueprint. and all of it. Maybe I need to find one of these FA meetings near me. Sigh. :)

  5. Buying with a purpose and a plan sounds great. I bought two fat quarters this week just because a nice lady took her mobile shop to sewing day and it seemed wrong not to support her in some way.
    I like what you have chosen for yourself. Should turn out lovely!

  6. I love Blueprint! That could be really fun! You got the perfect bundle...jealous, but I've already had met my fabric quota for the month! I love when fabric shops put stickeers on the pieces. I can't always remember who the heck it is! Now you can make the Orange Peels!

  7. Yeah, our fabric arrived!!! I am so excited. And I do not think buying fabric for a specified project is a bad thing, especially when it is not quilt related.

  8. the "wagon" can be pretty tricky. I fall of it often! Nice additions to the stash


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