Monday, August 17, 2015

Oh dear...

A while back, I set my goal for August in ALYOF. And now the wheels have fallen off the wagon. I actually got started. You see, my goal is to make a lovely Beatrix top à la Made by Rae.
Made By Rae Beatrix Sewing Pattern
At the most recent Sew Day with the Squares, I summoned up the courage to take Step 1 in the Beatrix-along. I got Q-B to measure me. And today I sat down to figure out what those measurements meant related to size selection. What they mean is that this pattern won't fit me. Ugh. I don't have the skills to upsize the pattern and I can't bring myself to make something for a goal that won't fit me after all my hard work. Insert sad face here.

So I'm calling an audible. With half the month already gone, my goal can't be too onerous. But I'm setting a new one regardless. I hope the lovely ladies of ALYOF will forgive me this one. I don't want to break my finishes streak, but this is a special case.

New goal: get this binding onto this quilt that's been looking at me for months!
It's finally quilted and only needs a binding before it can be donated to our local women & children's hospital. Now I'm off to cut some 2½ inch strips!


P..S. I haven't given up on Beatrix. It just means I have some more motivation to meet my weight loss goals. When my measurements line up with that size chart, I'll get sewing. You can take that promise to the bank!


  1. I think that your swap in goals is understandable and reasonable. I hope you'll be sewing it up soon! xx

  2. I feel your pain. The top is really cute and think it will be a great motivator. I admire you for wanting to use it as a reason to try to lose weight. And your strip quilt is so pretty... Sure to be bring comfort to the recipient!

  3. Extending the timeline for one goal and adding a new goal is part of life... Goal setting is always about re-evaluating. :-) Good idea to wait...I have been known to just make a piece of clothing without measuring or checking sizing... disappointment after spending time creating isn't something you want to experience if you can avoid it.

  4. Sticking to goals is important. Learning to roll with the punches is also important. Life, things, stuff has a way of happening! I can't wait until you so start making the top! I think it might inspire me to try my hand at clothing again! Way back in the day...way...I tried many garments. All looked like something the dog dug up and brought home! I keep telling myself that since I'm older, wiser and can make quilts...I surely could do a better job now!

  5. I've not tried sewing clothes yet. I have 2 patterns and some fabric but was hoping to get down a size and make something as a reward - not yet!! Totally allowed switch goals in my book!

  6. What a great turn of phrase Jenn - "the wheels have fallen off the wagon" such a perfect way to express it. Changing your goals as you go along part of being adaptable and a great skill. Love that jelly roll quilt!

  7. You're just putting this project aside for a better time. It's great to have a goal to accomplish something and the motivation to get to that goal. The quilt looks lovely :)

  8. That's too bad. Good call on changing the goal for the month.

  9. How annoying about the top.
    I think any WIP goal counts. I certainly wouldn't judge you for switching to a new goal when one proves impractical.


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