Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Tiny, tiny hexies!

The August lesson for Technicolor Galaxy launched last week and whilst DT were napping, I got down to the business of preparing the fabric.
So many tiny squares! The pattern called for 1¼ inch squares, but when I lined them up with the stabilizer hexies, they just looked too danged small. I opted for 1½. That ¼ inch really make a difference to me when it came to glue basting the edges!

I spent a very sticky couple of hours in front of the TV getting these little darlings ready. You'll notice a lack of blue. I set the goal of prepping the lime and the plum hexies. Sometimes when I'm staring down the barrel of an unpleasant task... such as glue basting 84 tiny hexies... I break the work into smaller goals. I'll get stitching on these and see where it takes me!

On a similar note, I'm doing a pieced low volume background for these four blocks. Bet you can't guess what shape I'm piecing?!
You guessed it! LV hexies. I've worked out that I need 12 hexies per block... so that's 48 hexies just for backgrounds.
You just can't scrimp on hexies, but I hate doing all that hand piecing, knowing that all those edgy bits will be trimmed away. Oh well...
Here's an idea of what it's going to look like... I'm loving it already! Just two more hexie flowers to for for this block. That's 21 tiny hexies per block plus 12 large hexies for the background times 4 blocks.

Yup.  132 hexies. Yikes. It's best not to dwell on it for too long!

I'm linking up today with Let's Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts as well as WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced. Pop on over and see what quilty fun people are cramming into the last few weeks of summer.


P.S. Are you out there in the blogosphere working on a Technicolor Galaxy quilt? How about joining in a little progress link-up? It'll be happening on the 12th of the month from now until December!
Why the 12th, you ask? Strategically chosen to avoid WIP Wednesday, Sunday Stashes, and Throwback Thursdays. How's that for planning?!


  1. Making the LV background hexies, too, is going to make this a really fun addition to the quilt. I am definitely a person who likes to break down big goals into more achievable bites, too.

  2. You are crazy! But in a good way! I still love your low volume background, but I would never have thought you would go hexies on the hexies! I'm now very inspired to drag out the fabric and get my fingers sticky too! Love, love what you are doing! See you at the progress link up!!

  3. I will pass on making hexies any smaller than the ones I am already doing-- 1 3/4 inch-- just started my quest of making and putting them together. A few years from now or so I will know just how big what I have will end up LOL

  4. Great tip - I'll try to remember to cut a little bigger! Love the low volume hexies!

  5. I love 1/2" hexies - so cute. Yours look gorgeous and I agree, one and a half inch squares are the way to go! xx

  6. Wow...that's a lot of hexies...great looking hexies, but an awful lot of them. Good luck.

  7. You will be rewarded every time you look at those hexies. But I bet getting them all done is going to get irritating! Love your fabric choices. Because, obviously.

  8. I haven't started the hexies yet, but I can't wait - although I'm sticking with the easy single pice of background fabric or I will never make progress. I've decided that since I'm doing this to learn new skills, i don't need to go all out as long as I'm learning. Thanks for sharing and I hope to link up on the 12th

  9. Hexies, hexies, everywhere! Thanks for sharing your progress.... it's going to be really great!

  10. Wow! All those tiny'll look great when it's all done :)

  11. Those hexies will keep you busy for a while. They are a relaxing little pastime and will look amazing when all done, so it will be worth it.


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