Tuesday, September 01, 2015

ALYOF - September Goal

After last month's goal setting SNAFU and subsequent goal revision, I feel like I've really got to put the hammer down this month. So I'm settling not one, not two, but THREE goals! Yup. It's really happening. Two out of three are part of the Quilting Protection Program. It's crowded in there at the moment.. so many secret projects. This is what happens when people start reading your blog... one must be so careful!

Goal 1 - QPP Project #3 - MMQG Mini Swap (Due September 10th)
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. I can't say much about this one until after it's delivered to my swap partner. At present, this is all I can show you... you know, without having to kill you. I can also say that the top is finished and this little darling is layered and ready to quilt!

Goal 2 - QPP Project #4 - Do Bees FQ Swap (Due September 24th)
Again, I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. I can't even show you the fabric for this one for fear that the person I'm making the project for will see it and the surprise will be ruined. The five of us in the bee did a blind swap of 4 FQs. The task: make something - anything - and give it back to the person that provided the fabric. I have a plan... just need to get sewing!

Goal 3 - Woodland themed Polaroids for Lara from BuzzinBumble (Due September 30th)
Lara commented that she's making a Polaroid project too and we arranged a little swap. Such a fun way to add variety to one's quilt! She's looking for 15 woodland and camping themed blocks. I have some already prepped, so this goal is already underway! 

All of these projects must be finished by the end of the month or I'll risk disappointing my swap partners. Can't have that! I'm linking up today with the September Goal Setting Party for ALYOF. Again, it's not too late to join in. It's one of the most motivating link-ups I've ever been a part of!



  1. I just love the Polaroid project. Such a cute setting for those fabrics.

  2. Three goals...you can do it!!! I finished both my MMQG and Bee swaps on the weekend.

  3. Three goals with deadlines spaced out over the month? You've got this! :)

  4. I keep telling myself I need to get into making goals like this at least once every month or so, but I always forget to. Lol. It looks like you're going to have a busy month! :)

  5. You are crazy! Three goals, along with babies, husband, Galaxy, and link ups! I'm beginning to think you are a super woman...and I guess you are! I don't want to ask too much...so you don't have to kill me either! Just remember, we are anxiously awaiting all these secret projects!

  6. Jenn you are Super Quilter! I'm sooo excited about our swap and started my blocks this weekend. (Had to wait until I had Color Catchers for the prewashing) I love that little sneak peek too.

  7. Love the Polaroid blocks. Can't wait to see what's hiding in the QPP :)

  8. Very intriguing! Good luck with your goals.

  9. Go Girl! I really want to make a polaroid quilt... hmmmm more for the list


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